Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the second direct sequel Square Enix has done to one of their core Final Fantasy titles, the first being Final Fantasy X-2. The game continues the story left behind with Lightning and Serah from Final Fantasy XIII. The game received mostly positive reviews, mainly towards the gameplay and graphics, with the only negatives coming towards the story line being long and confusing.

Much of the gameplay and mechanics remain the same with a few minor changes. Instead of having three characters in your paradigm, you now only have 2 main characters (Serah and Noel) and a choice of a Monster to fill the 3rd role. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a part of the "Fabula Nova Crystallis" compiliation.


They all believed she was gone forever, never to return. Everyone, that is, except Serah Farron. She clung to a different truth. Lightning! Could she be alive? Could her beloved sister really be in that world of chaos and death, fighting to save a dying goddess?More

This game is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Compilation, which includes a total of seven individual Final Fantasy games, including:

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Title Platform Release Date (JP) Release Date (US)
Final Fantasy XIII-2 [13-2] PlayStation 3 2011-12-15 2012-01-31
Final Fantasy XIII-2 [13-2] Xbox 360 2011-12-15 2012-01-31
Final Fantasy XIII-2 [13-2] Microsoft Windows Steam (PC) 2014-12-11 2014-12-11
Final Fantasy XIII-2 [13-2] Apple iOS 2015-09-25
Final Fantasy XIII-2 [13-2] Android 2015-09-25