Final Fantasy Type-0 (previously titled Final Fantasy Agito XIII) is another installment to the Favula Nova Crystallis compilation. Although it is part of the compilation, it has a completely independent story and set of characters, but will take place in the FFXIII universe. The game was first announced during E3 in 2005 along with Final Fantasy XV, and was released on October 27, 2011 in Japan only for the Sony PSP. Later the game would be remastered in High definition and released as Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in North America on March 17, 2015 for both the PlayStatoin 4 and Xbox One.

The story focuses on Class Zero, a group of fourteen students from the Vermillion Peristylium, a magical academy in the Dominion of Rubrum. When the Militesi Empire launches an assault on the other Crystal States of Orience, Class Zero is mobilized for the defense of Rubrum. Eventually, the group becomes entangled in the secrets behind both the war and the reason for their existence. The overall setting and presentation were inspired by historical documentaries, and the story itself was written to be darker than other Final Fantasy titles.

This game has some additional spin-offs! Learn more about them below.


In an act of unprovoked aggression, the Militesi Empire invaded the Dominion of Rubrum. Imperial dreadnoughts swarmed the skies, assailing the unsuspecting countryside under the banner of the White Tiger. From amidst the flames of the besieged dominion, the Vermilion Bird rose in defiance, her crystal granting magic and mighty eidolons that her disciples might cast out the technologically advanced aggressors... More

This game is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Compilation, which includes a total of seven individual Final Fantasy games, including:

Game Releases

This list also includes spin-off games - Final Fantasy Agito and Final Fantasy Type-0 Online

Title Platform Release Date (JP) Release Date (US)
Final Fantasy Type-0 Sony PSP 2011-10-27
Final Fantasy Agito Android, Apple iOS 2014-05-14
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PlayStation 4 2015-03-19 2015-03-17
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Xbox One 2015-03-19 2015-03-17
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Microsoft Windows Steam (PC) 2015-08-18 2015-08-18
Final Fantasy Type-0 Online Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PC 2016