The Long and Winding Road

The Final Fantasy is one of the oldest unofficial Final Fantasy fan sites on the web. The site was started way back in 1997 by still current webmaster/owner, Steve Thompson (Fuzz), as a simple site that provided information about all of the games in the series. The mission was simple; provide easy to access Final Fantasy information about every game in the series. At the time, most Final Fantasy sites focused on one or just a few games, we wanted to provide information about all of the games. We now cover well over 90+ Final Fantasy games, and continue to expand.

  • Website created in 1997 as 'Final Fantasy Galaxy' and hosted on Geocities
  • Most of the original members are still active on the forums

20 Year Anniversary

With the series recently celebrating their 25th anniversary, what better time to celebrate 20 years of The Final Fantasy! We have given the website a much needed overhaul along with many improvements. The new design is cleaner and easier to navigate between multiple games. We also totally revamped all of our content and added over 300 pages of Final Fantasy material. The site and forums are now better integrated and 100% mobile friendly. We are going to continue to improve the site, so please be sure to come back frequently or follow us on social media!

Final Fantasy 25 Years The Final Fantasy 20 Years


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