Final Fantasy VI was the sixth installment to the Final Fantasy series and proved to be a landmark game for the entire RPG genre. It was released as Final Fantasy III in the U.S. to stay sequential to the previous release (FFIV).

The game has 14 playable characters, which was the biggest cast yet in any Final Fantasy. Much like Final Fantsay IV, the character's classes were unchangeable, however, you can equip a new magic/skill system called Espers and learn new abilities. The game was a huge hit and helped lift the series into the public eye, to this day many RPG and FF fans alike consider this one of the best in the series.


Many centuries have passed since the war. Civilizations have been rebuilt with iron, machines, and technology. For years the Espers have existed only in ancient legends. Now an Esper has been discovered and the forces of magic are beginning to return. The risk of another, more devasting war is about to surface... More

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Title Platform Release Date (JP) Release Date (US)
Final Fantasy VI [6] Super Nintendo 1994-04-02 1994-10-11
Final Fantasy VI [6] PlayStation 1999-03-01
Final Fantasy Collection [4, 5 & 6] PlayStation 1999-03-11
Final Fantasy Anthology [5 & 6] PlayStation 1999-10-05
Final Fantasy VI [6] PlayStation 2002-03-01 (EU)
Final Fantasy VI [6] Advance Game Boy Advance 2006-11-30 2007-02-05
Final Fantasy VI [6] Wii Virtual Console 2011-03-15 2011-06-30
Final Fantasy VI [6] PlayStation Network 2011-04-20 2011-12-06
Final Fantasy VI [6] Wii U Virtual Console 2013-06-26
Final Fantasy VI [6] Android 2014-01-15 2014-01-15
Final Fantasy VI [6] Apple iOS 2014-02-06 2014-02-06
Final Fantasy VI [6] Microsoft Windows Steam (PC) 2015-12-16 2015-12-16
Final Fantasy VI [6] Advance Wii U Virtual Console 2015-12-22
Final Fantasy VI [6]: Pixel Remaster Steam, Android, iOS 2022-02-23