Final Fantasy IIIj is the japanese Final Fantasy III, released for the Famicom (known as NES in North America). The j differentiates the name from Final Fantasy III (FFVI), a North American SNES game.

Until finally releasing the game to the United States by porting it to the Nintendo DS (2006), Apple iOS (2011), and Android (2012), the only way to play the game was through NES emulators with Japaneese language patches. Square delayed the launch of an international release due to working on the successor, Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy III is a lot like Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy V in which Characters are named and classes are chosen. Moogles make their first appearence in this game. Kupo! There are 2 types of the friendly chocobo - White (movement) and Fat (storage). Some of the classic job system started in this game and Square wisely went back to the experience/level up system (previsouly abandoned in FFII).


The earth is restless... Four young orphans investigate a newly formed cave just outside their village, only to be attacked by savage beasts. Fighting through, they uncover the long lost Wind Crystal with an urgent message upon which the fate of everything rests. A long-contained force of evil is ready to make a power play that could leave the world in ruin, and only the four mythic Light Warriors can stop it!

All Releases

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Title Platform Release Date (JP) Release Date (US)
Final Fantasy III [3] Famicom 1990-04-27
Final Fantasy III [3] Nintendo DS 2006-08-24 2006-11-14
Final Fantasy III [3] iOS 2011-03-24 2011-03-24
Final Fantasy III [3] Android 2012-06-27 2012-06-27
Final Fantasy III [3] Sony PSP 2012-09-20
Final Fantasy III [3] Playstation Store 2012-09-25
Final Fantasy III [3] Kindle Fire 2012-11-01 2012-11-01
Final Fantasy III [3] Ouya 2013-04-15 2013-04-15
Final Fantasy III [3] Windows Phone 2013-12-27 2013-12-27
Final Fantasy III [3] Wii U Virtual Console 2014-01-08
Final Fantasy III [3] Microsoft Windows Steam 2014-05-27 2014-05-27
Final Fantasy III [3] Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console 2014
Final Fantasy III [3]: Pixel Remaster Steam, Android, iOS 2021-07-28