Final Fantasy III was never offically released in the United States, but later was re-released for a number of different gaming platforms:

  • Final Fantasy III DS was released for the Nintendo DS on Augest 24, 2006
  • Final Fantasy III for the iOS - Final Fantasy III was released for iOS 3.0+ devices on March 24, 2011 and is purchased through the Apple App Store. It was similiar to the DS release but had a little better grapics. (03/24/2011)
  • Final Fantsay III for the Android - three months after the iOS launch, Final Fantasy III was released for the Android Market Place. (06/27/2012)

Final Fantasy III DS

Final Fantasy III DS Box

Final Fantasy III DS was a completely revamped 3D version of the original Final Fantsay III. It was released for the Nintendo DS on August 24, 2006 in Japan and November 14, 2006 in North America. This remake allowed Final Fantasy III to be introduced to North America for the first time. Square attempted to port, remake this game before for the WonderSwan Color but failed. Original series artist, Akihiko Yoshida, redesigned the original characters for use in 3D. Although the game is a port, there were many new additions and differences:

  • New default names for the characters: Luneth, Arc, Ingus, and Refia
  • Characters were given more of a story background, however, this did not change the main storyline
  • Start off as "Freelancers" in the beginning of the game instead of "Onion Knights" (You can obtain the Onion Knight class later in game)
  • Rebalanced the classes
  • The companions you adventure with throughout the game can now randomly participate in battle
  • Removed capacity points and instead each character receives a small temporary penalty for switching jobs. This penalty decreases the character's statistics for the next few battles. This period is called a "Job Transition Phase".
  • New rewards (mainly weapons) given to you if you master a class fully
  • New Mail/Mognet system (similar to Final Fantasy IX using the Nintendo DS Wi-Fi capabilities. Using this sytem actually helps you unlock the "Onion Knight" class.