Final Fantasy Articles

Some of our staff members have put together some nice written articles spanning several titles in the Final Fantasy series. This list includes previews, reviews and general articles.

If you would like to share a written piece of your own, please submit one to us. More articles nd posts can be found at our Community Forms. Also check out:

General Articles and Opinions

Title Author Date Link
Official Poll: TFF's Favorite Final Fantasy DragonHeart (TFF) 2013-03-28 Click Here
Lightning Returns: FF XIII TFF Impressions Cesar (TFF) 2013-01-19 Click Here
FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary Concert Fuzz (TFF) 2012-12-07 Click Here
Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn Preview #2 Fuzz (TFF) 2012-09-28 Click Here
Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn Preview Andromeda (TFF) 2012-09-24 Click Here
Lightning Returns: FINAL FANTASY XIII Preview DragonHeart (TFF) 2012-09-12 Click Here

Staff Reviews

Title Author Date Link
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Review Cesar (TFF) 2014-09-12 Click Here
Review: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Cesar (TFF) 2014-02-11 Click Here
FINAL FANTASY XIII Review DragonHeart (TFF) 2012-12-08 Click Here


Title Author Date Link
Lightning Returns: FF XIII Exclusive TFF Interview Cesar (TFF) 2013-01-17 Click Here
An Interview With Cloud Strife DragonHeart (TFF) 2012-09-187 Click Here

Chocobo Digest

The Chocobo Digest was a creative, mock digest created by long time staff member Andromeda. The digest is no longer active but please feel free to read the released issues below.