Nelia Winter Balamb Dispatch -- At 4:54 am Dollet Standard Time the country of Galbadia launched a sudden attack on the unsuspecting city of Dollet , the small capitol city on the coast north of the transcontinental railroad. The city had strong political ties to Galbadia for the past fifty years, even during the Sorceress War where Galbadia soldiers fought side by side with Dollet soldiers. So this attack on an old ally came as quite the shock throughout Dollet and the rest of country.
The early morning had disguised the troops that had been airdropped near to the Dollet-Galbadia border. What had been announced as routine training missions in the field turned into a three wave direct assault on the capitol city Dollet. Two waves from the west and another struck down from the north quickly engaging the defense forces stationed around the city. The overwhelming forces from the Galbadia army has been pushing the defensive force back closer and closer to the


The assault only started twelve hours ago and the Galbadia forces have already taken the Hon Torme Hill and the Qione Plains from the defensive force. Mortars and gunfire can be heard in the city now, as the fighting comes closer to the streets of Dollet.

Citizens run through the streets trying to find safety as poorly missed shells crash into buildings. Rumble is starting to Read more here...

  Galbadia invasion troops moving north into Dollet.
Moogles release another event upon Vana'diel - Buffalo Blitz
Toro fighting outside of Windurst Woods with over a dozen adventurers. Since claim had no meaning in this fight, anyone was able to join in, but also get sent flying across Vana'diel. Here adventures had gotten smart fighting near a zone.  

Terin Oric Rolanberry Fields The moogles once again have brought the lands of Vana'diel excitement and troubles. Each event that they sponsor they seem to get more creative, this time they have brought the massive Buffalo from its normal habitat of the far Northlands to everyone to experience. Almost every region that was around a town was not spared from their over done excitement.

The event brought the large buffalo, Toro, who the moogles somehow managed to tie a red sash to their horn without getting sent flying themselves. Then told us to get the sash, in which would be rewarded for our efforts by keeping the sash. My own


curiosity could not be contained and thus Horwen-Morwen, Qeromna Erumik and myself went out to Rolanberry Fields to begin our adventure.

From the start of the event we were not alone, another party of Tarutaru Black Mages were out running around the hills seeking the elusive buffalo. However, we had an advantage on our side, instead of dividing into areas to try to stubble across Toro, Qeromna used her Wide Scan ability to scan the whole area from one of the tallest hills in Rolanberry. With her directions she watched the buffalo as we closed in on our prey. Horwen's small size as a Tarutaru and stealth as a Ninja


allowed him to sneak up on the buffalo that was slowly walking through the crawler-infested orchards. We did not know what to expect so I gave him a Haste spell and Protection spell to hopefully avoid taking great amounts of damage that he was so prone too. Horwen whisper softly his Utsusemi-Ni, rumors from the adventures in the Northlands were that these beasts were frighteningly strong for their slow speed.

My mind hung over my curative spell well I watched him crawl closely up to the beast. Horwen was so small that he was underneath the beast without it knowing, but when he started to climb up his left leg the buffalo lunged. Read more here...