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Ask Zidane

Dear Zidane, My hair hurts. Explain. - Neo Necron

Dear Neo Necron, Silly evildoer, you don't have hair! Maybe that's why it hurts? Now get over here so I can steal your wallet. - Zidane

Dear Zidane, How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Choco Pop®? Yours truly, Hungry

Dear Hungry, It depends what flavor it is, I guess. The better the flavor, the longer the savor! - Zidane

Dear Zidane, Are you stubborn like locke or can you admit that your a thief? Also whats the weirdest thing you ever stole? ~LadyDesperation

Dear LadyDesperation, Of course I'm a thief! I just swiped Neo Necron's wallet when he wasn't looking, you know. If you're asking me what the weirdest thing I've ever stolen is, it's got to be this wallet. It's all fuzzy and lumpy and something is squirming insi--hey, wait a minute, this isn't a wallet! I think I just stole his squirrel. - Zidane


Tired of the same boring routine day in and day out? Do you wish there was a place that you could go to leave the bland routine of everyday life behind you? Well, look no further! Come and see what the adventurous town of Treno has to offer!

- Have a few thousand extra gil floating around? Visit the Auction House! At the Treno Auction House, you can place bids against several folks from all around Gaia! Win anything from an Elixir to the acclaimed Pearl Rogue! Whether it be a souvenir or an item to help you along your journey, you can find it at the Treno Auction House!

- We're sure you've heard the buzz circling around Gaia about the hot new card game, Tetra Master. Well, why not head straight to one of the game's hotspots right here in Treno? Come and compete against players ranging from novice to advanced! Perhaps you're new to Tetra master? Don't sweat! Just outside of the building where Tetra Master players gather to compete, you can learn all


there is to know about the game! Short on cards? Again, don't sweat it! We've got a card dealer standing by just outside the door who would be more than happy to sell you your first cards! Come and see how you stack up against the competition!

- Got an adventurer in your party? Looking for a little battle practice? Head on over to the item shop and speak with the woman behind the counter! If you're brave enough, she has different monsters from all around Gaia waiting below to fight you! An excellent way to practice for those upcoming battles!*

Never been to Treno before? Now's as good a time as any to come out and enjoy what our city has to offer! The city is set at a very comfortable temperature due to the never ending nightfall surrounding the city, so dress comfortably! The people are friendly and most hospitable in Treno!** If you need directions to any attraction in our city, don't hesitate to stop one of the friendly locals for help!


*Not recommended for small children, except for Vivi.

**The city of Treno will not be held responsible for any stolen property.