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An Interview With Cloud Strife

Shortly after the Geostigma crisis is ended and Rufus Shinra is revealed to be alive, the Shinra Company is working to rebuild its shattered image from global Mako-fueled superpower to a Planet-friendly organization seeking to atone for past sins. To this end, Shinra's PR department has decided that publicly allying itself with Cloud Strife, a widely recognized hero, will do much to restore its reputation. Cloud, of course, is not thrilled with the arrangement. However, he does have something of an uneasy truce with Rufus and by participating in the interview, acknowledges that it will take all of them, including Shinra, to rebuild their world.


Rufus Shinra sits alone in his room at Healen Lodge. The only light comes from a large TV on the opposite wall. The Shinra corporate logo appears on the screen, followed a few seconds later by the face of a young female reporter smiling into the camera.

The scene shifts to the studio where the interview is taking place.

Reporter: Good evening Edge, and our viewers around the world! Tonight we bring you a very special report, personally arranged by Shinra company president, Rufus Shinra himself. As we've noted in our previous reports, Geostigma is now all but cured. Our sources on the ground predict that it will be completely gone within the next two months. More on that at 11. And here to speak with us about this miraculous turn of events and his role in the ongoing situation is the hero himself, Mr. Cloud Strife.

The camera pans to show Cloud, standing against the wall with his arms crossed, looking sullen. He says nothing; there are a few moments of uncomfortable silence.

[Clearing her throat] Reporter: So, you helped Shinra in the Meteor crisis two years ago, and again in the recent assault on Edge and Old Midgar. Is this correct?

Cloud: We stopped Shinra—[he is cut off]

Reporter: And we're all thankful for that! Rumor has it you were a member of the SOLDIER program and even trained under General Sephiroth himself. How did that prepare you to handle the dangers of the job?

Cloud: What? Sephiroth is the one who caused all this.

Reporter: And we truly mourn his loss, don't we, Edge? But we do all sleep a little sounder, knowing he left behind such a fine young man to help us build a brighter future under the direction of Shinra. The company is newly reformed after President Rufus Shinra's miraculous survival and recovery from the attack that destroyed the company headquarters in Midgar and killed many of its Board members during the Meteor incident.

Cloud [visibly angry, addressing the camera]: Wait a minute, you've got it all wrong. Rufus! What are you planning?

The camera pans to the side slightly as the Turks, Reno and Rude appear from a side door to flank Cloud, catching the now-anxious reporter's attention.

Reporter: Wow, this studio is getting crowded tonight, folks! Here are Reno and Rude of the Turks, President Shinra's personal bodyguards.

Rude remains impassive. Reno grins and winks at the camera.

Reno: Hey, now it's a party!

Cloud turns to face them, grabbing Reno by the collar.

Cloud: What's the deal? What's he playing now?

Reno pushes Cloud off and straightens his shirt.

Reno: Lighten up, will ya? We're all here

Rude: For the same reason.

Cloud: And what would that be?

Reno: To celebrate, of course! We did a pretty damn good job, if I do say so myself.

Rude: You can't swear on TV, Reno.

Reno [sheepish]: Shit, sorry.

Suddenly, sounds of a scuffle are heard off to the side. The camera swings over just in time to catch Barrett muscling his way past security.

Barrett: Hey, what kind of damn circus act is this? Cloud, you really gonna let these lyin' sacks o' shit take credit for all our hard work?

Reno: Hey, watch your mouth!

Barrett points his gunarm at the Turk, accusing.

Barrett: You'd all be dead now if it we hadn't cleaned up yo' damn mess!

Reno scowls and pulls out his electro-mag rod.

Reno: Run that by me again.

Reporter [tentatively]: Um, excuse me but we're still on air…

Barrett: Gladly!

Barrett fires; the Turks duck for cover. Cloud draws his sword and rushes forward to stop Barrett, slamming the cameraman to the ground in the process. The camera bounces a few times, coming to rest facing a wall. Gunfire, metal clashing and general chaos is heard. The last image is of Reno leaning over the lens a few minutes later, looking ragged.

Reno: Good night!

The screen goes dark.

Still sitting alone in his office, Rufus scowls. The interview is over.

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