Cloud Strife

At the age of thirteen, Cloud left his hometown of Nibelhiem to join the Shinra forces. Circumstances forced him from the army, and the ex-Soldier now wanders the world, a mercenary who will accept any job--if the price is right. Reluctantly allied with the rebel force Avalanche, the fiercely independent Cloud joins their fight to preserve his planet's mako energy. Cloud cleaves enemies in twain with gigantic double-handed swords.

Age: 21
Job: Mercenary (Former Soldier)
Place of Origin: Nibelhiem
Weapon of Choice: Sword

Barrett Wallace

Barett Wallace is the focused and determined leader of Avalanche, the rebels fighting the destructive policies of the Shinra Corporation. His right hand has been replaced by prosthetic gun grafted directly onto his arm. Barett lost his wife Mina when his hometown Corel was destroyed; now, he is left only with his beloved daughter Marin. Despite this great tragedy, his outlook is generally positive. Barett prefers brute strength to agile and swift attacks.

Age: 35
Place of Origin: Corel
Weapon of Choice: Gun Arm

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa is an upbeat young woman who always has a cheerful word for her comrades. While stunningly gorgeous, she can duke it out with the best of 'em! When not aiding Avalanche, Tifa tends a bar in the slums. She still harbors a childhood crush on Cloud--but is too shy to reveal her feelings. She an expert with kicks, and her left shoe has a metal-plated sole--for extra damage.

Age: 20
Job: Waitress
Place of Origin: Nibelhiem
Weapon of Choice: Gloves

Aeris Gainsborough

Aeris is a beautiful and demure young woman. When she was young, her real mother died, and Aeris' relationship with her adoptive mother is often strained. She runs a flower shop in Midgar and becomes involved with Avalanche unintentionally. She is deeply religious and spiritual. While physically weak, her great magical skill makes her an asset to any team.

Age: 22
Job: Flower Seller
Place of Origin: Nibelhiem
Weapon of Choice: Rods and Staffs


Red XIII is a ferocious beast with flaming red fur. Despite his bestial appearance, he is amazingly eloquent and fantastically intelligent - an astronomer, no less. His kind can live for hundreds of years. Red XIII is super-intelligent and currently resides with the Shinra Corporation (as a pet). This information, coupled with his name, "Red XIII," make it seem that he is a genetic experiment of the Shinra Corporation- perhaps the thirteenth of his kind? This explanation accounts for his tattooed "serial number," intelligence, and unique appearance.

Age: 48
Job: Warrior
Place of Origin: Cosmo Canyon
Weapon of Choice: Headdresses

Cid Highwind

Foul-mouthed but kind-hearted, Cid can pilot any machine known to man. He was a test pilot for Shinra's rocket in the past, but had to abandon his dreams of flying into space when Shinra cut funding to the project. Today, he is mayor of Rocket Town, where he can be always be found with his goggles, aviator jacket (with "High Wind" and "Air Master" patches), and several packs of cigarettes. Don't let his agitating attitude put you off; Cid truly has a heart of gold.

Age: 32
Job: Pilot
Place of Origin: Rocket Town
Weapon of Choice: Lances, Pikes, Spears

Cait Sith

Cait Sith tells fortunes from his booth at a gargantuan entertainment complex, the Gold Saucer. This zany cat-creature rides upon a fat, stuffed, cave-moogle Golem (the moogle has a visible zipper on his back). Cait Sith commands the moogle with commands shouted in his megaphone. He also has a slot machine attack with several random (and interesting) attacks.

Age: Unknown
Job: Fortune Teller / Spy
Place of Origin: Gold Saucer
Weapon of Choice: Megaphone

Vincent Valentine

Vincent is shrouded in mystery: cool, calculating, and stoic, his black robe hides all emotion--save his eyes, with their icy, piercing, continual gaze. With a quick wit and deadly aim, Vincent is one to be feared. His metallic claw and strange powers were forced upon him when the Shinra Corporation performed hideous experiments on his body. A single bullet is all he needs to kill.

Age: 27
Job: None
Place of Origin: Unknown
Weapon of Choice: Pistols, Guns

Yuffie Kisaragi

Yuffie is the direct descendant of a tradition-bound ninja clan--but she could care less about "tradition." She forcefully joins Avalanche, hoping to use them to obtain an unknown object. She is sly and completely self-centered, and her young age leads to brash decision-making and tumultuous relationships. Her powerful weapons, however, make her a useful member.

Age: 16
Job: Materia Hunter
Place of Origin: Wutai
Weapon of Choice: Shurikens