Nobuo Uematsu once again composed all of the music for this installment to the series. Final Fantasy VII was the first game in the series to include a track with digitized vocals, such as the track, "One-Winged Angel". The Final Fantasy VII series spun off several audio and music soundtracks in both Japan and North America, some having large commercial success.

  • Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack - a compilation of all the music in the game released by DigiCube on Feb 2, 1997
  • Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks - a single-disc album that has a selection of tracks from Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack. It was released again by DigiCube on October 22, 1997.
  • Piano Collections Final Fantasy VII - an album featuring piano arrangements of selected Final Fantasy VII pieces composed by Nobuo Uematsu and performed by Seiji Honda. The album was released through DigiCube on December 3, 2003
  • Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Original Soundtrack - is the 2005 CGI film sequel to the original game. Its soundtrack album, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Original Soundtrack, was released on September 28, 2005
  • FF7 Original Soundtrack
  • Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack
  • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack
  • Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII & Last Order: Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack

MIDI Files

Description Size Link
Aerith's character theme. 114.5K Click Here
An anxious heart is loud. 8.9K Click Here
Barret's character theme. 21.4K Click Here
The amazing battle theme. 48.8K Click Here
The birth of a god. 142.7K Click Here
Cait Sith's character theme. 10.0K Click Here
The timeless chocobo theme song. 70.9K Click Here
Cid's character theme. 18.3K Click Here
Tropical Costa Del Sol town. 11.4K Click Here
The very final battle. 56.4K Click Here
The flow of life. 5.0K Click Here
Beat to the music from the Gold Saucer. 64.0K Click Here
Flying high in the sky. 42.6K Click Here
Jenova. 40.5K Click Here
The end, judgement day. 21.5K Click Here
The FF7 prelude. 7.7K Click Here
Red XIII's character theme. 13.2K Click Here
The evil shinra co. 9.7K Click Here
Tifa's character theme. 38.8K Click Here
The gang of the Turks. 32.0K Click Here
The Weapons in the game. 36.2K Click Here
The world map theme. 17.6K Click Here