The Sunken Airplane

If you go underwater in your submarine by the gold saucer, you will find a sunken airplane containing Hades materia, Highwind(Cid's limit break), and Double-cut materia.

Getting Yuffie

You'll find her in any forest on the world map. To get her to join your party, you must first defeat her. Then when she asks to fight again, say no. Then no again. Then DONT ASK HER WHAT HER NAME IS! And she will join your party.

Unlimited Items

If you have obtained the W-item materia, you can duplicate any battle items:

  • Get into a battle.
  • Select the item you want to duplicate.
  • Select an unimportant item.
  • Push X and then continuiously press X O X O until you have made 99 of the item.

AP And Gil Gold Mine

Go into the northern cave on disc three and choose to go left, then up. You should now be in a cave. In here, there are magic pots. You must give them elixers until it says RECOVORY. When this happens, kill em! You get tons of AP. Best do do this with double or triple growth weapons. For a lot of gil, you must encounter little red bounce balls and kill them. They are in the same cave. This is best done with gil plus materia.

Getting Vincent

To get Vincent to join your party, you must go to the Shinra Mansion in Neibelhem and go to the 2nd floor into the topright room. You should see a safe. You will have a time limit to do this so be quick. The combonation is: 36-10-59-97 (Note: turn to the right first and after 59 dont go back, just go straight to 97). If you put in the code right, it will open and you will fight a giant monster. Here are some tips for fighting him: He has 2 sides: one side is defensive to attack and one side is defensive to magic. Your limit breaks will work well on him. A good limit when fighting him is Aeris's seal evil and also Cloud's cross-slash. You should summon choco-mog as much as possible. After you have defeated him, you must go into the door that leads to the basement. Once all the way down, go into the room with the coffins (If you go into the library, you may encounter Sepheroth who will give you the destruct materia). Now go into the coffin room using the key you got from the safe (You can also get Red 13's limit break "Cosmo memory" from the safe). Now inspect the coffin and Vincent will pop out. After talking with him, he will go back to sleep. When this happens, leave the basement. Vincent should now say "wait" and join your party. If he doesnt, go back into the coffin room and try again.

Getting A Gold Chocobo

There are 2 ways to get a gold chocobo. 1. Defeat the ruby weapon and take the rose to Kalm. 2. Breed one.

Heres how to breed a gold chocobo

First catch 2 good or great chocobos at Mideel. Make sure they are of the opposite sex. Then take them back to the the stables and feed them lots of greens. Next, race them at the gold saucer and get them into A rank. Then mate them at the stables using a Carob nut (you get the carob nut off of a monster on an island south from the northern contenent). You should now either have a blue or green chocobo (A blue can walk in shallow water and a green can walk over mountains). Now enjoy your new chocobo and ride it for a while because it takes along time before the great chocobos can mate again. But when they can,mate them again with another carob nut and you should get a different color from the first breeded chocobo. Now make sure its the opposite sex and then wait until the chocobo grows up (It should grow up after about 9 or 10 battles). Then mate the blue and green chocobos with a carob nut (Make sure all your chocobos are in A rank). Okay, you should now have a black chocobo! Now you must race him at the gold saucer until he's in A rank and then go to the northern continent. On the left of it, you should see chocobo tracks. Make sure your chocobo lure is at at least 3 stars. You can now catch a Wonderful chocobo. Take it back to the stables and if the boy there says its a wonderful chocobo, race it into A rank and breed it with a black chocobo with a Zeio nut that you get on goblin island (the forest). Its east from the northern continent. You should now have a gold chocobo. If you dont, reset it and try again. Might I suggest you use your gold chocobo to go to round island and get the Knights of the round materia?

Cast A Spell 3 Times

To cast a spell 3 times you must link the "all" materia with the spell you want to use. Then, in battle, cast reflect on your entire party. To cast the spell 3 times, cast the spell with "all" on your party. It will then bounce off and hit the enemy 3 times for the price of one.

Learning Big Guard

To learn big guard enemy skill, go to the beach of Costa de Sol and fight black monsters called beach plugs. When in battle, manipulate them and force them to cast big guard on the character with the enemy skill materia. This also allows you to learn death force from the turtle at wutai and dragon force from the darkdragon in the northern cave.

Getting Knights Of The Round Table

In order to get Knights of the Round, you need a gold chocobo. Take it to an island near the northeast corner of the world map. Its called Round Island. Go inside the cave and you will see the red orb in the middle (KOR).

Getting Mime And HP<->MP Materia

To get the Mime materia, you need a green chocobo. Go to a cave on the western continent southeast from Wutia village. Inside is a yellow orb (mime). To get the HP<->MP materia, you need a black or gold chocobo. Go to the cave on the continent with Midgar. It is surrounded by desert. Go into the cave and grab the purple orb (HP<->MP). Although this materia isn't that useful.

The Old Man At Kalm

When your in Kalm, the city closest to Midgar, you can get rare items in exchange for what the old man asks for. He is on the second floor of one of the houses there.Heres what he will ask for:

  • A rose that blooms in the desert (you get this after beating the ruby weapon). You trade this for a gold chocobo.
  • A guidebook (you have to morph a ghost ship from the underwater reator into the guidebook). You trade this for the Underwater materia which is used to defeat the Emrald weapon.
  • Use the Underwater Materia to defeat the underwater weapon, Ruby, and you will receive an item that you can trade for the master summon materia.

Easy GP

Go to the Gold Saucer and then procede to the arm wrestling machine. If you have a turbo controller get a rubber band and put it on the Circle button. Then activate the turbo controller and sit and wait. After a few hours you will have a ton of GP.

Easy Strength Gain

You need the Morph materia and a character's ultimate weapon(optional but makes it easier when morphing) for this to work. Go to the Gongaga Reactor(the ruined one) and go to the reactor itself in the place and just walk around until you get into a battle, you should fight a Heavy Tank(the triceratops tank,if i'm right it's a 100% encounter rate) and use morph and it'll turn to a power source. You can keep morphing these guys into power sources and easily max a character's strength out.

Item Duplication

You have to have the W-Item Materia for this to work. Equip it, and select the first item and use it. Then select your second item, do not use it, just place the cursor on someone. Then Press the cancel button, select the item again and press cancel. Keep repeating this and the first item you used will keep increasing by one.

Getting the Quadra Magic without a Chocobo

There is a way to get the materia "Quadra Magic" without having to breed a River Chocobo. You'll need the Highwind. Fly it to the most southwestern tip of land on the map and you'll notice a cave. Follow this back (Mideel way) until you get to a slightly upraised piece of land. Go as far as you can to the edge of the cliff. Face the Highwind south. Press the land button and quickly but lightly press R1. The Highwind should land half on the cliff and half off. You can now walk up to the cave and get the Quadra Magic.

Ancient Forest Revival

After you gain acess to the Ancient Forest, there is a way to revive your characters without using a Phoenix Down. If you have a dead character, walk into one of the "fly traps" and make it swallow you. When it spits you back out, your dead character will be revived (with one HP left :P )

Tougher Enemies for Fast Leveling and AP

This glitch is exploitable after passing through Junion the first time and returning via the ship after completing the episode at Gold Saucer. Board the ship at Costa del Sol. Go to Junion and head away from the dock that the ship is at. Follow the main road to the tunnel that divides the city in two. In the tunnel there should be a number of Shinra soldiers drilling. On the left wall, there is a red box. Go up to it and press the action button. You should hear a siren going off. Walk arround and you will get into random encounters with enemies that aren't supposed to be encountered until Junion is attacked by Weapon on disc 2. You will probably need to use summons and magic contiuously during your first few battles to defeat the enemies. Don't forget to save money on potions, ethers, and pheonix downs by using the Junion Inn, which is also a good place to save.

Turtle Paradise Prizes

Through out the game, you may have noticed little posters placed up across the game. These posters belong to the owner of the Turtle Paradise restaurant in Wutai. When you get all six and give them to the Turtle Paradise Restuaraunt in Wutai you can get one of each "Source" item, as well as a Megalixir.

  • Turtle Paradise Poster 1 - Sector 5 Slums, on the Wall Upstairs in house, east side of town
  • Turtle Paradise Poster 2 - On a Bulletin Board of the lobby of Shinra HQ
  • Turtle Paradise Poster 3 - On the wall next to the item shop in the Ghost Hotel at Gold Saucer
  • Turtle Paradise Poster 4 - Attached to the wall at the Tiger Lily Arms Shop In Cosmo Canyon.
  • Turtle Paradise Poster 5 - On the Wall next to the Inn Keepers Desk
  • Turtle Paradise Poster 6 - In Yuffies Basement next to Turtles Paradise-check the banenr on the wall outsdie the trap room