Final Fantasy V was released in 1992 (in Japan) as the fifth numbered entry in the series. The United States didn't see a release of the game until 1999 for the PlayStation under the compiliation title, Final Fantasy Anthology, which also included Final Fantasy VI.

Final Fantasy V was known for its greatly expanded Job System and customization the player can do with the four playable characters. There were many mixed reviews on the story, with many calling it "flat", especially when compared to its predecesor, Final Fantasy IV.


Dreams fill the land with hope. Courage ignites flames. water is the source of sympathy. Invesitation carries intelligence in the Wind. If people possess the four wills, light can arise.

All Releases

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Title Platform Release Date (JP) Release Date (US)
Final Fantasy V [5] Super Famicom 1992-12-06
Final Fantasy V [5] PlayStation 1998-03-19
Final Fantasy Collection [4, 5 & 6] PlayStation 1999-03-11
Final Fantasy Anthology [5 & 6] PlayStation 1999-10-05
Final Fantasy Anthology [4 & 5] PlayStation 2002-02-27 (PAL)
Final Fantasy V [5] Advance Game Boy Advance 2006-10-12 2006-11-06
Final Fantasy V [5] PlayStation Network 2011-04-06 2011-11-22
Final Fantasy V [5] Apple iOS 2013-03-28 2013-03-28
Final Fantasy V [5] Android 2013-09-25 2013-09-25
Final Fantasy V [5] Microsoft Windows Steam (PC) 2015-09-24 2015-09-24
Final Fantasy V [5]: Pixel Remaster Steam, Android, iOS 2021-11-10