Final Fantasy V is full of characters both good and evil, but only five individuals will join and leave your party over the course of the adventure. Each one has a mysterious past, which you will discover during your long journey. In addition to having distinct personalities, the five are incredibly customizable due to the gam'e robust jobs and class system. Below is a brief overview of the main characters, as well as the secondary characters that will be an integral part of the saga.

Bartz Klauser


Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birth Place: Lix

Bartz grew up in the secluded town of Lix, and didn't have many friends. Following the loss of his parents, he began traveling the countryside with his best friend, a Chocobo named Boko. After being mysteriously drawn to a meteorite crash site near Castle Tycoon, the young many feels the calling of the crystals, and thus begins a great adventure that will span multiple worlds.

Lenna Tycoon


Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birth Place: Tycoon

Long ago, Princess Lenna of Tycoon lost her mother. Since then, she has devoted her life to following in the footsteps of her father, and protecting the people of his kingdom. When Tycoon senses trouble and sets off for the Wind Shrine, Lenna follows him, only to be trapped by a fallen meteorite. It is at the crash site that she meets Bartz, and her true quest begins.

Galuf Baldesion


Age: 60
Gender: Male
Birth Place: Unknown

At the start of the journey, Galuf seems nothing more than a confused old man who can barely remember his name. Still, the air of honor and nobility surrounding Galuf cannot be denied. Not knowing who he is or why he is here, Galuf decides to lend his strength to Princess Lenna as she heads for the Wind Shrine in search of her father. What secrets lie dormant within this old man's head?

Faris Scherwiz


Age: 20
Gender: Female
Birth Place: Unknown

The fearless leader of a rugged band of pirates, Faris was lost at sea as a young child, and has remained at sea ever since. Little do Faris's pirate shipmates know that their captain is hiding something under her rugged exterior. Once Faris crosses paths with Princess Lenna, the pirate captain will have to make a decision - one that will change both her life and Lenna's forever.

Krile Baldesion


Age: 14
Gender: Female
Birth Place: Bal

You'll first meet Krile when she's the young granddaughter in Galuf's hazy memories. But in reality, Krile lives far away; at the Castle of Bal. Her friendly demenaor and ability to communicate with animals help her form a strong bond with your party; late in the game, she will become a party member.