Jobs and Classes

FFV Job System

The jobs a character can equip originates from the essence of past heroes embedded within fragments of the elemental crystals. By obtaining and changing Jobs, a character absorbs the past hero's powers, and their special abilities. For instance, characters with the power of the Knight will become expert Swordsmen, while those with the power of White Mage will gain the ability to wield powerful White Magic and those with the power of the Geomancer will be able to control nature at will.

Each Job has a level different from the one the character possesses. This represents how much experience the player has accumulated with this particular job. When the player obtains a certain amount of Ability Points (ABP), the level will increase.

When Job Level increases, the player will learn various Abilities. These Abilities are special techniques unique to the Job. Once the Ability is learned, it wlil not be lost during a Job Change. By combining them with Abilities from other Jobs, the player will be able to create versatile characters.

The ported version of FF5 on the gameboy advanced, Final Fantasy V Advance, added 4 new playable classes (Gladiator, Canoneer, Necromancer, and Oracle). Click here to learn more about them.


A Knight's greatest asset is his ability to take a major beating. Knights are perfect front-row party members due to their high Attack and Defense stats, as well as their ability to equip the most power weapons and armor in the game. In addition, Knights can come to aid of weakened allies by using the Cover ability.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Cover 10 Cover any party member near swoon condition.
2 Protect/Guard 30 Block physical attacks completely. Which means take absolutely no damage from physical attacks at all!
3 BothHand/2-Handed 50 Equip one weapon with both hands, allowing double the attack power but inability to equip shields.
4 Equip Shields/EqShield 100 Allow another class the ability to equip shields.
5 Equip Armor/EqArmor 150 Allow another class the ability to equip armor.
6 Equip Swords/EqSword 350 Allow another class the ability to equip swords.


Monks can do some serious damage with nothing but their bare hands, making them incredibly useful against certain enemies. Monks also know the Counter ability, which causes them to fight back automatically after being struck by an enemy. A monk's greatest weakness is his inability to equip heavy armor.

Level Ability AP Description
1 BuildUp/Store 15 Takes two turns to double attack power. (Pretty dumb if you ask me since you hit twice in those two turns anyways!)
2 Brawl/Barefist 30 Attack as well as an empty-handed(karate) monk.
3 Chakra/Chkra 45 Restore partially loss HP and cure posion and darkness without the use of items or magic.
4 Counter 60 Counter attack when you are attacked.
5 HP: 10%UP/HP +10% 100 Maximum HP is up by 10%.
6 HP: 20%UP/HP +20% 150 Maximum HP is up by 20%.
7 HP: 30%UP/HP +30% 300 Maximum HP is up by 30%.


Thieves aren't great fighters, but they have their uses, most notably outside of battle. With a Thief in your party, every hidden passage will be revealed to you, givin gyou hints as to the locations of the game's most-secret items. Thieves also allow your party to move at four times the normal walking speed in every town and dungeon. During battle, a Thief helps prevent attacks from behind and gives you a better chance at running away.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Passages/Secret 10 See hidden passages that normally are not visible.
2 Escape/Flee 20 Just like the Ninja's Smoke ability, this allows you to escape more easily except for bosses of course.
3 Dash 30 While holding down the "B" button("X" button for PSX) this allows you to travel twice as fast through towns and dungeons and caves and so on. This will not work on the World Map.
4 Steal 50 Allows another class other than the Thief to steal items or weapons from enemies during battle.
5 Caution 75 Prevent back attacks prior to random battles.
6 Capture/Mug 150 Allows the Thief or another class to attack and steal at the same time.
7 Restless/Footwork 300 Become as agile as a thief, meaning your agility points are equal to those of a theif.


Dragoons are heavy-duty characters and masters of the lance. If you find a powerful lance on your journey, put it in the hands of a Dragoon to inflict some major physical damage. A dragoon can also use the Jump command.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Jump 50 Allows another class to Jump. You do not neccessarily have to have a Spear equipped to Jump either.
2 Drgnswd/Lance 150 Summons dragon to absorb both HP and MP from opponents. Results may vary.
3 Equip Spear/EqSpear 400 Have another class the ability to equip spears that normally cannot.


Ninjas can wield two weapons at once. Combine ths fact with their high Agility and their inherit First Strike ability, and you've got a very deadly attacker. A Ninja's inability to wear heavy armor leaves this job class vulnerable to powerful enemies.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Smoke/Dustb 10 Run away with ease, but you still cannot run away from bosses.
2 Image/Twin 30 Create a double image of yourself and avoid physical attacks. Gone after one hit.
3 1stAttack/Firstatk 50 Pre-emptive attack/post-emptive attack ratio up and favors party. You still can be attacked by the opponent first or backed attack though.
4 Throw 150 Gain the Ninja's abiltiy to Throw weapons or items in another class.
5 2-Handed/2-Swords 450 Allows both hands to be equipped with a weapon. So one hand can be equipped with an IceBrand sword while the other a Flame sword.


If used well, Samurai can be one of the game's most powerful job classes. Samurais are masters of the short sword and the katana, and have high chance of strking critical blows. They also evade physical attacks better than most jobs do.

Level Ability AP Description
1 SwdSlap/SSlap 10 With a successful attack an opponent is paralyzed except for any other opponent immune to it like most bosses.
2 GP Toss/$Toss 30 Very powerful money attack that hits all opponents. The damage done will determine how much GP you loss with the attack. So the more powerful it is the more GP you will lose.
3 EvadeSwrdGrab 60 Evade attacks more easily and at a higher ratio, this will last throughout the battle.
4 Equip Katanas/EqKatana 180 Allows another class the ability to equip katanas.
5 Slash/Fdraw 540 Destroy one target with a single swipe.


Berserkers are completely out of yoru control. They cannot be assigned command abilities and they attack at will with whatever weapon is in their hands. Still, they do lots of physical damage to enemies.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Berserk 100 This allows you to always be ready to attack and you will always be on Wolverine(r) fury, but as you can expect you cannot control the party member with the Berserker ability.
2 Equip Axe/EqAxe 400 Use this if you wish on any other classes that cannot equip an Axe.


Rangers are all about the bow and arrow. Put them in the back row, where they will do damage consistently - especially when using the Aim command, which secures a direct hit.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Animals/Critt 15 This allows you to call upon the animals of the forest that has a random effect. The animals will either attack the opponents or heal your party members. The higher your levels the more effective and powerful this command becomes.
2 Aim 45 This will aloow the Archer or anybody else with the ability to equip a bow to always have a 100% hit ratio against opponents, possibly even against Ninjas. Also it raises the damage of your attack as well. Basically there are no disadvantages to using this.
3 Equip Bow/EqBow 135 This is pretty self explanatory. Use this if you wish on any other class that cannot equip a Bow.
4 X-Fight/SShot 405 Very powerful. Even though your attacks are half strengthed, if you have the 2-Handed abiltiy from the Ninja you can attack for a total of 8 times!

Sorcerer/Mystic Knight

Not only can Mystic Knights equip fairly hefty swords and armor, but they can infuse their swords with certain black and white spells. This fusion of magic and physical attacks can be incredibly potent once your job level is around level five.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Barrier/MagiWall 10 When another class is in near swoon condition, a magic barrier will automatically be set up.
2 Magic Sword lvl 1/Sword Lvl 1 20 ---
3 Magic Sword lvl 2/Sword Lvl 2 30 ---
4 Magic Sword lvl 4/Sword Lvl 3 50 ---
5 Magic Sword lvl 4/Sword Lvl 4 70 ---
6 Magic Sword lvl 5/Sword Lvl 5 100 ---
7 Magic Sword lvl 6/Sword Lvl 6 400 ---

White Mage

White Mage is not the most glamorous job, but it is the most important job by far. These characters are masters of White-magic spells, and will be your main resource for healing the injured, curing the sick, and raising the dead. White Mages can also deal major damage using Holy magic late in the game.

Level Ability AP Description
1 White magic lvl 1/White lvl 1 10 Allows another class to cast level 1 White magic.
2 White magic lvl 2/White lvl 2 20 Allows another class to cast level 2 White magic.
3 White magic lvl 3/White lvl 3 30 Allows another class to cast level 3 White magic.
4 White magic lvl 4/White Lvl 4 50 Allows another class to cast level 4 White magic.
5 @hite Magic lvl 5/White Lvl 5 70 Allows another class to cast level 5 White magic.
6 White magic lvl 6/White Lvl 6 100 Allows another class to cast level 6 White magic.
7 MP 10%UP/MP +10% 300 Raises maximum HP by 10%.

Black Mage

Black Mages are the most powerful magic wielders in the game. Their magic is mostly elemental, and does massive damage to enemies that have elemental weaknesses. Higher-level Black-magic spells, such as Flare, have hefty casting costs, but Black Mages make up for it with high MP.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Black magic lvl 1/Black lvl 1 10 Allows another class to cast level 1 Black magic.
2 Black magic lvl 2/Black lvl 2 20 Allows another class to cast level 2 Black magic.
3 Black magic lvl 3/Black lvl 3 30 Allows another class to cast level 3 Black magic.
4 Black magic lvl 4/Black Lvl 4 50 Allows another class to cast level 4 Black magic.
5 @hite Magic lvl 5/Black Lvl 5 70 Allows another class to cast level 5 Black magic.
6 Black magic lvl 6/Black Lvl 6 100 Allows another class to cast level 6 Black magic.
7 MP 30% UP/MP +30% 300 Max MP is boosted up 30% overall, can also be used in the Black Wizard class also.

Time Mage

Harnessing the power of time and space, Time Mages cast spells with a wide variety of effects that range from helpful to incredibly harmful. Effectively putting Time-magic spells into play is a bit trickier than employing black or white magic spells.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Time magic lvl 1/Time lvl 1 10 Allows another class to cast level 1 Time magic.
2 Time magic lvl 2/Time lvl 2 20 Allows another class to cast level 2 Time magic.
3 Time magic lvl 3/Time lvl 3 30 Allows another class to cast level 3 Time magic.
4 Time magic lvl 4/Time Lvl 4 50 Allows another class to cast level 4 Time magic.
5 @hite Magic lvl 5/Time Lvl 5 70 Allows another class to cast level 5 Time magic.
6 Time magic lvl 6/Time Lvl 6 100 Allows another class to cast level 6 Time magic.
7 Equip Rods/EqRod 250 Allows another class to equip Rods.


Although Summoners are definitely one-trick ponies, their power to summon beasts into battle is arguably the most formdable tool in the game. Summon effects range from beasts that will protect yoru party to beasts that will devastate your enemy.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Call! lvl 1/Summon lvl 1 15 Allows another class to cast level 1 Summon magic.
2 Call! lvl 2/Summon lvl 2 30 Allows another class to cast level 2 Summon magic.
3 Call! lvl 3/Summon lvl 3 45 Allows another class to cast level 3 Summon magic.
4 Call! lvl 4/Summon Lvl 4 60 Allows another class to cast level 4 Summon magic.
5 Call! lvl 5/Summon Lvl 5 100 Allows another class to cast level 5 Summon magic.
6 Summon/Call 500 Allows another Class to use a random summon without using MP.

Blue Mage

Blue Mages can wield some of the most powerful magic in the game, but learning the best spells takes patience and commitment.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Peep/Check 10 This allows you to check an opponent's HP/MP, this is pretty useful just incase you don't know what your dealing with. Unlike in FFIV, this will work basically everytime you use it.
2 Learning 20 With this ability you can learn the attacks enemies put on you, not the party. You must actually be hit with the enemies' attack once and you will learn it.
3 Blue! 70 Allows another class to use Blue Magic.
4 Scan/View 250 This is a more advanced version of Peep. You will able to see not only the opponent's HP/MP but also their weakness and level as well. But the downside is that this rarely works as most of the the party member using it will just waste a turn, so stick with Peep instead.

Red Mage

Red Mages have the ability to cast both Black and White-magic spells, depending on what the situation calls for. When the job first becomes available to yoru party, it will be very effective.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Wht/Blk lvl 1/Red Lvl 1 20 Allows another class to cast both level 1 black and white magics.
2 Wht/Blk lvl 2/Red Lvl 2 40 Allows another class to cast both level 2 black and white magics.
3 Wht/Blk lvl 3/Red Lvl 3 100 Allows another class to cast both level 3 black and white magics.
4 X-Magic/Redx2 999 Allows either the Red Wizard or another class to cast two of the same of different spells in one round.


A Beastmaster has the unique ability to capture monsters, then unleash them on enemies at will. This technique can be trying, as creature's health must be near zero before you can catch it.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Tame 10 Allows another class to Tame demon and beast type animals. Mainly paralyzing them.
2 Control/Cntrl 50 Allows either the Trainer or another class to control a monster's body.
3 Equip Whips/EqWhip 100 Allows another class to equip Whips.
4 Catch 300 Capture weaken enemies. Mainly drop them down to a low enough HP so you can catch them.


At first, Chemists don't have much use aside from making recovery items more effective, but once they reach joblevel two and learn the Mix ability, a whole new world opens up for them. With the right ingredients, chemists can mix some nasty brews midbattle, and unleash them on enemies for major damage.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Medecine 15 Doubles the effectiveness of potions like HIOPOTIONs, ETHERs, etc.
2 Mix 30 Allows Chemist or another class to mix ingredients, mainly the DRKMATTER, DRGNFANG, and others along with HIOPTIONs, FENIXDOWNs, etc.
3 Drink 45 Allows Chemist or another class to drink potions during battle like GIANT POTION, SPEED POTION, etc.
4 Health/Recve 135 Allows Chemist or another class to heal any negative status effect besides Zombie. Note that this does not waste anything at all! No magic or items whatsoever!
5 Revive/Rvive 405 Revives all swoon party members. Even if three members are down they are still revived! Note that this does not waste anything at all! No magic or items whatsoever!


A Geomancer can use the nature-harnessing Gaia ability right out of the gates, which will be fairly effective when fighting on the overworld map. It's worth the effort to level up a Geomancer: it's the easiest class to master.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Terrain/Earth 25 Perform a varying elemental attack, this does not cause an MP drain in the character.
2 Pitfalls/Findhole 50 When stepping over a pitfall, the party quickly jumps out of the way and the pitfall remains there.
3 DmgFloor/AntiTrap 100 Take no damage from spikes, magma, hiryuusou, etc.


Bards are not the toughest bunch, but they can be effective in the right setting. usually, Bards play a supporting role by using the Sing ability. you can find songs in various locations throughout the game, and they're great assets because they don't use any MP.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Hide 25 Remember Edward(in FFIV)? Well this command allows you to hide during battle, avoiding all attacks no matter what. However you cannot attack as well and you can also Show yourself, but this is pretty much useless unless you are really weak and wounded.
2 Equip Harp/EqHarp 50 This is basically pretty self explanatory. Use this if you wish on any other classes that cannot equip a Harp.
3 Sing 100 This will allow the person in another class to use Sing a random song which either paralyzes, puts to sleep, or even kill an opponent.


At first, the Dancer job is a chore to use, but once yo ulevel up a Dancer and equip the right weapons and armor, the job can be quite an asset. The Dance command has random effects, but sometimes you'll unleash a powerful attached called Sowrd Dance.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Flirt 25 Will either confuse enemy or make them very angry!
2 Dance 50 Perform any random dance that each dance has a random effect of confusion, death, drain, etc.
3 Equip Ribbon/EqRibbon 325 Gain and allow other classes to equip and wear the strongest helmet in the game.


Level Ability AP Description
1 Mimic 999 Directly copies any last attack performed by a party member. This includes magic, X-Fight, Jump, and ANY other ability. This does not cost magic nor does it cost any itmes to do so. By far the strongest command!

*The below classes were added to Final Fantasy V Advance


A cannoneer fires ranged attacks at enemies by using ammunition. you can purchase three types of ammunition from the wandering salesman. Buckshot, Blastshot, and Blitzshot. Each of these has different effects. Once a Cannoneer learns the Combine ability, you can combine rounds of ammunition with an item from your inventory, and unlease the conoction on all enemies.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Open Fire 50 Shoot one enemy
2 Exp Up 150 Gain 1.5 the experience per battle
3 Combine 300 Mix and fire off explosives that damage all enemies


Gladiators are rough, tough warriors that can equip all kinds of weapons and attack at blazing speeds. Their Finisher command doesn't always connect, but when it does, it lives up to its name. In general, Gladiators are just great physical attackers.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Lure 30 Attract enemies hits
2 Finisher 70 Powerful strike that attacks an enemy's weak point for massive damage
3 Long Reach 150 Attack enemies with full power from back row
4 Bladeblitz 450 Attack all enemies


Oracles are magic users that can foretell phenomena that will befall either you or your enemies. This plays out through the Predict ability - when you select it, you'll learn of some cataclysmic event, then a countdown will begin before the event's effects come raining down on your enemy (and sometimes you).

Level Ability AP Description
1 Condemn 20 Attract enemies hits
2 Predict 50 Foretell Cataclysms
3 ABP Up 150 Gain 1.5 times ABP per battle
4 Read Ahead 300 Easily evade enemies


Necromancers can call forth undead creatures, as well as cast powerful Dark Arts spells. Like a Blue Mage, the Necromancer must learn his spells in battle. To learn a Dark Arts spell, a Necromancer must defeat an enemy that knows the spell.

Level Ability AP Description
1 Oath 15 Call all undead monsters into battle
2 Dark Arts (L1) 30 Perform L1 Dark arts magic
3 Dark Arts (L2) 45 Perform L2 Dark arts magic
4 Dark Arts (L3) 60 Perform L3 Dark arts magic
5 Dark Arts (L4) 100 Perform L4 Dark arts magic
6 Dark Arts (L5) 200 Perform L5 Dark arts magic
7 Undead 300 Become undead. Take damage from recovery items