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The Final Fantasy would not exist if it weren't for the great group of staff members that have helped keep this website alive over the years. Below is a list of the current staff team. If you are interested in helping with the site (content, reviews, news, etc), please contact us.


Fuzz Webmaster, Owner
Name: Steve Thompson (Forum Profile)
Email: [email protected]
Join Date: 02-01-1998
Interests: Final Fantasy, Web Development, Music
Fav. FFs: Final Fantasy IV and VI


Merlin Forum Development
Name: Steve Blair (Forum Profile)
Email: [email protected]
Join Date: 01-01-2001
Interests: Programming, Flash, Writing
Fav. FFs: Final Fantasy XI


Lococolt Forum Adminstrator, Community Manager
Name: Cesar Cainelli (Forum Profile)
Email: [email protected]
Join Date: 08-11-2002
Interests: Media, Video Games, Random Crap
Fav. FFs: Final Fantasy VI


Andromeda News Editor, Content Writer, Forum Administrator, Community Manager
Name: Chris (Forum Profile)
Email: [email protected]
Join Date: 06-24-2002
Interests: RPGs and Anime
Fav. FFs: Final Fantasy IX and X


Aerif Content Writer
Name: C. M. Sattley (Forum Profile)
Email: [email protected]
Join Date: 08-20-2001
Interests: Gaming, reading, writing and other assorted geekery.
Fav. FFs: Final Fantasy VIII and IX


Victoria TFF Mailbag, Content Writer
Name: Jay Miller (Forum Profile)
Email: [email protected]
Join Date: 08-08-2002
Interests: Writing Web Comics and Anime
Fav. FFs: Final Fantasy Tactics, Advanced

Cain Highwind

Cain Highwind News Editor, Forum Super Moderator
Name: Arlen Pavka (Forum Profile)
Email: [email protected]
Join Date: 11-25-2008
Interests: Video Games, Anime, SNK Fighters
Fav. FFs: Final Fantasy VI and Tactics


Dawezy Content Writer, Forum Super Moderator
Name: Brendan (Forum Profile)
Email: [email protected]
Join Date: 08-06-2001
Interests: Hentai, Video Gaming in general, Pornography, Wemon, Webcomics, Alcohol, Old School SEGA.
Fav. FFs: Final Fantasy IV and IX


Aerif Content Writer, Forum Super Moderator
Name: Chris McGerr (Forum Profile)
Email: [email protected]
Join Date: 01-08-2006
Interests: Game Programming, Writing, Content, Eating (Cultural)
Fav. FFs: Final Fantasy IV and VII

Unknown Entity

Unknown Entity Forum Moderator
Name: Gemma Adams (Forum Profile)
Email: [email protected]
Join Date: 02-14-2008
Interests: Video games, reading, writing and The Yogscast
Fav. FFs: Final Fantasy VII, VIII and XII, but all hold a special place in my heart.

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