The music of Final Fantasy V was composed by the regular series composer Nobuo Uematsu. The music from the game always received mixed reviews, however it will please the regular Final Fantsay fan.

Three albums of music from Final Fantasy V have been released.

  • Final Fantasy V Original Sound Version (12/07/1992)(JP) - contains 67 tracks from the game.
  • Final Fantasy V Dear Friends (13/25/1993)(JP) - an rranged soundtrack album of Final Fantasy V music containing a selection of musical tracks from the game arranged with live instruments mixed with synth instruments.
  • Piano Collections Final Fantasy V (06/23/1993)(JP) - an arrangement of tracks performed on a piano with 12 tracks from the game.

MIDI Files

Description Size Link
Atma. 38.6K Click Here
Aria's soft music. 12.6K Click Here
The simple battle music. 59.0K Click Here
Celes's character theme. 5.8K Click Here
Flipping the coin at Figaro. 3.4K Click Here
Cyan's character theme. 19.8K Click Here
The evil devil. 13.1K Click Here
The vast empire music. 7.3K Click Here
Kefka's Lab 22K Click Here
The ending music. 66.0K Click Here
Forever Rachel. 8.3K Click Here
Gau's character theme. 10.4K Click Here
Gogo's character theme. 13.4K Click Here
Evil powers of Kefka. 26.4K Click Here
Locke's character theme. 10.5K Click Here
Mog's character theme. 8.3K Click Here
The dark mine town, Narshe. 6.4K Click Here
The opening sequence. 5.3K Click Here
The scary Phantom Forest. 13.7K Click Here
The prelude to the game. 23.3K Click Here
Relm's character theme. 10.0K Click Here
Setzer's character theme. 28.9K Click Here
Shadow's character theme. 5.8K Click Here
Strago's character theme. 10.4K Click Here
Terra's character theme. 23.7K Click Here
Umaro's character theme. 10.5K Click Here
The happy wedding music. 10.2K Click Here