Special Skills

Every character in Final Fantasy VI has a special set of skills. Most of the basic ones are covered on the main characters page, however, the more in-depth ones are covered below.

  • Dance
  • Tools
  • Blitz
  • Sword Tech
  • Leap/Rage
  • Slot
  • Lore


Dance is a special ability that can be used by Mog. He can learn a series of dances for each of the eight types of terrain in the world. After he gets one good hit in a fight, he'll learn the dances of the region. Then he'll go into hoofing high gear. Before he can Dance, Mog has to fight and learn the steps. Mog's Dances will send his audience to the floor.

Wind Song

In the grass fields of the world, Mog learns the dances of the Wind Song.

Ability Description
Wind Slash The collection of steps will blow monsters away!
Sun Bath Fun in the Sun recovers HP for the whole party.
Plasma This little jig sends out a bolt of devastating power.
Cockatrice The power of the Cockatrice dance pierces enemy defense.