Paradigm Packs

When a monster is defeated, it sometimes transforms into a crystal for you to obtain. You can select three monsters to create a paradigm pack, allowing these monsters to fight alongside you in battle. Each monster has a set role, but their abilities differ depending on breed and level.


Decorative additions for your monsters can be found in locations throughout history. Use them to give your monster allies an extra bit of color and jazz — they won't affect battle performance at all, so feel free to try any combination you like.


You can teach your monsters new abilities by infusing them with other monsters in your party. Abilities and auto-abilities are infused from monsters of the same role, but passive abilities can be infused from any kind of monster. Beware, when you infuse a monster into another, the monster crystal disappears from your menagerie.

Feral Link

All monsters can perform a special ability. The Feral Link gauge will fill as the battle progresses, and once it's full, special abilities can be unleashed! When a button prompt appears on-screen, act as fast as you can!