Historia Crux

The gates of time appear whenever there is a distortion in the timeline. The gates cannot, however, be activated without keys, otherwise known as artifacts. Find the artifact that opens a gate, and step into the Historia Crux, the crossroads of the time continuum.

Every time a gate is opened, the possibility of more paths opens up. Existing gates to past locations can also be closed, which resets the adventures played in that location. This allows players to enjoy past adventures over again, or redo any mistakes.

Mog Clock

When Mog senses monsters are about to materialize in the vicinity, the Mog Clock appears. Run up to a monster and stop the needle with the press of a button. The colors of the sections determine monster activity, with green indicating that they are unaware of your presence, and yellow indicating that they are actively seeking you out. If you engage the enemy before they come into contact with you, you will begin the battle with certain advantages, such as an increased chain bonus or under the effect of haste.

By putting enough space between you and the enemy, the Mog Clock will disappear and you will disengage from battle. If the Mog Clock runs out of time before you have the chance to escape, however, you will be penalized.

Moogle Hunt

When exploring the field, Mog's bobble will start to flash if there are any hidden items in the area, and he will then make a beeline towards that item. Ask him to search the area, and if the item is within a certain range, it will materialize.

As you gain Mog's trust, you will be able to perform an action called the Moogle Throw. You will discover treasure chests that are out of reach; in order to obtain the item inside, grab Mog, aim within the vicinity of the item, and throw. When aimed correctly, Mog will be in range of the hidden items and will help you obtain them.