FF7 Review (#3)

Final Fantasy 7 was the games that introduced roleplaying games for the big masses in the world outside Japan. The game itself is outstanding for the playstation. Even though many people would disagree I wouldn´t lie if I would say that it´s one of the best games ever made. And what makes Final Fantasy 7 so good you ask? And are there any lacks? Read below if you want to find out.


There are many action scenes in FF7, scenes when your adrenaline pumps up and you have to escape from exploding reactors, gas chambers or almost anything. These great action sequences are often powered up by fast music and remarkable well produced FMV´s. That´s what I call entertainment. You have always a well marked goal on your missions and adventures. You´re never lost in boredom like in Final Fantasy 8. You have always something important to do. The battles are near the limit of perfectness and you have to use your strategic skills in all of them. Either you can use summons ( giant monsters that attack your enemy or help your party) use your limit breaks, cast powerful magics or just attack. You gain new skills by a system called Materia. You find or buy different materia stones in your long journey, all with different amazing abilities and they are the ones which gives you the power of magic and the power to summon.
- 94% -


Music in RPG´s and especially Final Fantasy games has always been extraordinary well composed. FF7 is no objection. The different character themes, the action scene themes and almost the whole games music is great. It´s almost a wider breadth of songs then in FF6, the battle music is actually the only part that you grow tired of after a while.I must say that the music is one of the main reasons why the whole game feels so solid and well arranged.
- 97% -


The step between FF6´s graphics and the ones in FF7 is huge, on the other hand the graphics in FF7 and the ones FF8 are quite far away from eachother too but still close because they are both PSX games. Besides the really close shots the character looks really good and there is nothing to complain about graphicly. Some of the FMVs are stunning to watch and the battles flows fine without any problems. I like the anime style the characters are made in and it adds lots to the cyberpunky and futuric atmosphere of the game.
- 94% -


Many people may find it confusing, but if you play the game with open eyes you will not find it too hard to understand. And the many interesting characters make the game more alive then any other game for the PSX. You really feel for Aeris, Cloud, Vincent, Red XIII, Barret and the other characters in your party when they are doomed to a tragic destiny, the victims of psychotic behaviour or hit by old sad memories. The storyline is splendid with the only a few flaws like a supposed ressurection and some of the clone story. I will not disclosure any of it for people who haven´t played the game but I can reveal that it´s a very dramatic storyline. And a very good one too.
- 96% -

Replay Value:

I´ve played the game through four times. And I´m not a person who often plays a game a second time. This proves that the replay value is great and you really feel that you have something to return too when you have finished it the first time. There are many places that you might want to experience again, for example the Gold Saucer. A giant theme park where you can play all sorts of games, bet on chocobos and even race with your self-catched chocobos. Your second time around you can take all things you missed the first time, you always miss something and you can do all things you didn´t do at first. Maybe get the hidden characters, defeat the very hard Weapons or get all the summons. I think that most people play this game twice. And they sure do the right thing.

Overall Rating:

It´s a great game and it´s a must for every true RPG players videogame collcetion. It combines the greatness of the SNES games with the news of PSX. Get if you don´t already have it. If you haven´t played it, play it, If you´ve played it, play it again.
- 96% -

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