FF7 Review (#1)

Well, when you want to talk about a lasting RPG, you put all of the games qualities together and form your conclusion: Was the Game Good? Now, I have done that for Final Fantasy VII countless times, because of all of the times that I have played it, and came to the conclusion that this was definitely one of the best games ever.

As most people know, this was Square's first Final Fantasy Installment for the Sony PlayStation. I must say that for being a first timer on the PSX, Square pulled off a good game quite well. Now here is my review, split into categories from certain aspects of the game, and each aspect is explained in detail. But first, let me start out with me saying that if you don't own this game already, get it. After reading the review, you'll see why.

Aspect 1: Gameplay

Well, if you're new to the RPG genre, this game offers you an easy opportunity to get into the style of them. Perhaps the most interesting elements of gameplay are the battle, weapon, and materia, systems. First: battle. Battles are engaged when the character is in a place that contains monsters, the world map, or when fighting a boss. The screen blurs and the infamous battle music starts. You are then taken to the battle screen where you come face to face with your enemies. The basic elements of battle are attack, item, magic, and summon. Your enemy has a certain amount of hit points and once they are depleted, you win the fight. Next is the weapon system. Each character can equip certain types of weapons, for instance, Clouds weapons are all swords. Every time you enter a new city or town, and go to their weapon shop, you can buy upgraded weapons for each character that you have acquired up to that point. And last, but perhaps the most unique element in the game, is the materia system. Materia come in different colors, depending on what they do, for instance, summon materia are red. Each materia can be equipped according to the weapons that the character is using. Each weapon has materia slots. When you equip a materia, you can then use special magic, summons, etc. in battles depending on which you equip. Also, you can add on little materia that change the attack to make it attack all, or even let you absorb HP/MP from the attack. This system is unique to Final Fantasy VII, but I wish that Square would use it again.
Gameplay rating: 9/10

Aspect 2: Story

This is probably what draws me to the game so much. The whole Final Fantasy VII story is intriguing. It all starts out as just an evil company harnessing the power of mako, then develops into a whole plot to kill the president of this cooperation, save the world, get vengeance, and even look into characters' pasts. The story unfolds rather quickly at some parts, so you have to keep an eye out for important details along the way. You'll find yourself on side quests, and missions constantly. Also, there are the famous Chocobos returning in the game. Although Chocobos are necessary at a couple parts in the game, there is a completely optional breeding part and racing part of the game. You can breed Chocobos, then race, then breed again using special nuts and get some special Chocobos which can get you special items including someone's Ultimate weapon. But I'm not going to spoil it all for you, see for yourself.
Story Rating: 10/10

Aspect 3: Characters

Probably some of the most memorable characters in the entire Final Fantasy Series. Character designer Tetsuya Nomura, when asked who is favorite character was he said: "It's hard to pick only one, but I really like [Tidus} and Red XIII from FFVII." While there are about 8 characters all together(maybe 9), two of them are completely optional, but choosing to use them can give you special abilities, items, and side quests. In fact, unless you decide to have Yuffie join your party, the visit to Wutaii is completely optional. And most likely, the most memorable character is Aires. Aires comes into the party rather early in the game and helps out a lot using her limit breaks because they are all healing ones. Also, the player starts to get an insight to her past and what connection she might have to Sephiroth, White materia, and even the end of the world. Also she provides the biggest turning point in the game, but I'm not about to tell you what it is.
Characters Rating: 10/10

Aspect 4: Music

The famous Nobuo Uematsu has done most of the Final Fantasy soundtracks, and he did the one for VII. I must say that it is the best music I have ever heard in a game. The music sets the mood for the entire setting, the entire story, the entire game! Whether it's the joyful, lively music of the "Mambo de Chocobo", or the peaceful, yet sad music of "Aires Theme", the music is that worthy of noble praise.
Music Rating: 9/10

Aspect 5: Lasting Appeal

This game will stay with you for the rest of your life. Nuff said.
Lasting Appeal Rating: 10/10

Aspect 6: Overall

Overall, this is definitely my favorite game in the series. Hell, it's my favorite game period. The music the characters, the setting, the mood, the music, side quests, the mystery, and everything else in this game will make it your favorite. I could go on, but its not necessary.
Overall Rating: 11/10

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