Final Fantasy IV has been re-released under a number of different platforms and titles, including:

Final Fantasy Chronicles

Final Fantasy Chronicles Box

Final Fantasy Chronicles is a special bundle package that includes updated versions of two Square's RPG classics: Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger. It was only released for North America Sony Playstation on June 29, 2001. Final Fantasy IV was a direct port from the Super Nintendo version, however, many new additions and differences were included:

  • Added an Art gallery
  • New bestiaries
  • Added the ability to run in dungeons and in towns
  • Added the ability to "Memo" save anywhere onthe world map
  • New CG cutscences and full motion video

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Final Fantasy IV Advance

Final Fantasy IV Advance Box

Final Fantasy IV Advance was another direct port, only this time for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. The game was actually released in North America (12/12/2005) before Japan (12/15/2005). Square Enix used the WonderSwan version to help port with enhanced graphics and minor changes were made to the music. The localization team revised the English translation a little bit, improving the flow of the story, and restoring plot details absent from the original.

  • The Big Whale is now the Lunar Whale
  • Magic skills have been renamed to fit series standards (Meteo is now Meteor and Ice2 is now Blizara, etc)
  • Ability to switch party members
  • Gameplay reverted back to original style found in the FFIV Japanese version, meaning the game is tougher than the FFII (US).
  • A new dungeon, The Lunar Ruins includes more than 50 new floors to explore and more than a dozen new boss encounters

Final Fantasy IV DS

Final Fantasy IV DS Box

Final Fantasy IV was remade for the Nintendo DS in celebration of Square-Enix's 20th anniversary. It was released in Japan on December 20, 2007 and in North America on July 22, 2008. It was re-made by the same company that did the Final Fantasy III DS remake. Like the other re-releases, this game brought a few new additions and changes to the Nintendo DS version:

  • New voice acting
  • new mini-games
  • New Game Plus option, meaning the player can start a new game after they have finished it for the first time
  • Quciksave option retained
  • New auto-battle system
  • New ability system called "Augments"
  • Increased difficulty level
  • A new summon called "Whyt", which takes advantage of the stylus for the Nintendo DS,/

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection

Final Fantasy Complete Collection Box

Final Fantasy IV was again ported and repackaged for the Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection, which was released on PlayStation Portable in March 24, 2011 (JP). It included remakes of both Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. There were not many additions to this re-release, however, there were a few.

The complete collection featured a small "Interlude" (Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-) game which contained a few of the main characters, but was used to help bridge the game to its direct sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. The Interlude took place roughly one year after the end of Cecil's last journey and focuses on Yang, Edward, Rydia, Edge, Cid, Cecil, and Rosa's post war lives, especially their upcoming child. The game only takes 2-3 hours to complete but is a nice transition to The After Years.

  • Allowed the use of PSP's Data Install feature for improved load times.
  • New cinematic scenes
  • Option to play either Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-, or Final Fantasy IV: The After Years