FFIV Story Pic

Five Airship speed across the sky. The Red Wings, the air force of the Kingdom of Baron headed by Captain Cecil, are on their way back to Baron after completing a mission in Mysidia.

Cecil reflects back on an event which took place only hours ago. Although it was the King's order, Cecil and his men feel guilty about taking the Crystal from the people of Mysidia. But Cecil reminds them all that they are the proud and mighty Red Wings of Baron.

Still questioning the royal command, Cecil brings the Crystal to the King of Baron. He starts to leave, but decides to ask the King of his intentions.

Accused of disloyalty, Cecil is removed from his post in the Red Wings and is ordered to go hunt the Summoned Monster in the Misty Valley to the northwest of Baron. Kain, the captain of the Dragoons, tries to defend his friend. But he too, is ordered to go with Cecil to fight the monster, and to deliver a package to the Village of Mist.

Cecil apologizes to Kain for involving him, but Kain does not blame him. "The King will return you to the Red Wings after this mission," says Cecil before parting.