Game genie codes for Final Fantasy IV/II for the SNES

Code Description
82A3-6F63 or 82AE-6F63 Infinite hit points
8267-0D62 Infinite magic points
3335-0D6E or 3335-0FAE Earn 65,536 gp after each battle
C262-DF03 + C262-D763 Money doesn't decrease when you run
C2AD-AD69 + C3AD-AFA9 Money doesn't decrease in shops
EF30-076E Earn tons of items and experiencein each fight. Also get 8 items from enemy.
A1E5-DDDD Talk to someone, get Big Whale Ship
30E5-DDDD Talk to someone, get in battle with Golbez
00CA-AF6F Walk Though Walls
DF30-076E Lots of EXP and GP after 1 battle