The score of Final Fantasy IV was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, who has written all songs in past Final Fantasys, as well. His scores have always been well received and revewiers constanlty praise the quality of the compositions despite the limited medium.

Three albums of music from Final Fantasy IV have been released in Japan.

  • Final Fantasy IV: Original Sound Version (06/14/1991)(JP) - contains 44 tracks from the game.
  • Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon (10/24/1991)(JP) - contains a selection of tracks from the game, arranged and performed by Celtic musician Máire Breatnach.
  • Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections (04/21/1991)(JP) - an arrangement of tracks for solo piano performed by Toshiyuki Mori and began the Piano Collections trend for each successive Final Fantasy game.

MIDI Files

Description Size Link
The music with the airship 103K Click Here
Music from Babil 20.5K Click Here
The battle theme. 18.3K Click Here
The royal Baron Castle. 12.5K Click Here
The big whale. 13.6K Click Here
Basic boss music. 24.2 Click Here
The music in Calbrena 6.6K Click Here
Background cave's music. 23.2K Click Here
Crazy chocobo music. 12.3K Click Here
The chocobo forest music. 7.3K Click Here
The game's prologue. 7.4K Click Here
Cid's theme song. 9.6K Click Here
Crystal's theme. 48.4K Click Here
The small dancer. 3.3K Click Here
The Dwarve's castle. 8.9K Click Here
Eblan's theme. 8K Click Here
Edward's music theme. 6.6K Click Here
Elder's music theme. 3.7K Click Here
The all famous epilogue. 104.8K Click Here
The evil feeling... 4.1K Click Here
The small town of Fabul. 7.6K Click Here
Battle music for a fiend enemy. 40.8K Click Here
Golbez's evil theme. 8.1K Click Here
The moon lunar cave. 20.5K Click Here
The moon's world map. 21.8K Click Here
Welcome to the moon. 51.4K Click Here
The tall mount. Ordeals. 23.2K Click Here
The town of Mysdia 18.2K Click Here
The game's prologue. 15.5K Click Here
The flying Red Wings. 19.3K Click Here
Rosa's character theme. 15.2K Click Here
Rydia's character theme. 5.3K Click Here
Left with sorrow... 4.2K Click Here
Surprise music! 1.1K Click Here
The Sylvan cave. 6.2K Click Here
The small town of Toria. 17.2K Click Here
General town's music. 4.4K Click Here
The lost underworld music. 9.1K Click Here
Victory music. 5.8K Click Here
World map music. 29.8K Click Here
The last boss, Zeromus. 33.6K Click Here
Zot's theme music. 10K Click Here