Getting Odin

You must go to a castle near Edea's house and put both eyes in the statue at the top, get the code, then do the same to the one at the bottom and enter the code. Then go into the open door and beat Odin. If you don't beat him by the time the time runs down, its game over.

Getting Tonberry King Of GFs

You must kill 20 Tonberrys to make the Tonberry King appear.


You can draw Ultima from the following places:

  • Fishermans Horizon - the mayor's house
  • Shumi village - It's 5000 gil
  • The islands closest to heaven and hell- they are hidden (it's easier if you have encounter-none on)
  • Lolipolooza Canyon - It's near Timber.

Summoning A Chocobo In Battle

To summon Kochocobo, you must first find a chocobo forest. Then get the whistle and push square button and pick "HELP". Chocoboy will catch one for you. Whether or not you decide to ride one, you now have the ability to summon Kochocobo using Gystall greens that you buy from Chocoboy.

Beating Diablos

To beat Diablos easily, follow this method: Draw demis from him (DON'T CAST DEMI!). Use the demis you drew from him and he will throw a curaga at you. He does this every time you hit him with your own demi. Keep doing this until the demis only take away 100-900 off of him. Then start summoning GFs.

Getting Bahamut And Eden

Take the Ragnorok to the southwest corner of the world map and land on the floating platform (secret research facility). While inside, don't move while the light is on. Go to the strange light and inspect it. Pick the first option and fight a ruby dragon. Then pick the 2nd option and fight another ruby dragon. Then pick the 3rd option (hidden) to fight Bahamut. After you beat him, leave the research facility and push the triangle button to go into the Ragnorok. Then talk to your party members. If you want Eden, land on the platform again. This time there should be a save point. Climb down the ladder onto the ground, then inspect the machine on the left and it will open the door. Use the following blocks in a row: 2,2,1,1,2. Then let Zell work the machine and go down into the dungeon. When you get down there, add the final blocks and you will fight the Ultima Weapon. Draw from him to obtain Eden. Warning:You must beat him to get Eden. He is very hard.

Unlimitied Potions

For unlimited potions, go to Timber on the bridge and you will see a man (you must have Quistis in your party). He will give you a potion and run away. If you leave the screen and re-enter it, he will be there again and give you another potion and run away. Keep repeating this and he will keep giving you potions. (NOTE: He isn't always standing there when you enter the screen. If he isn't, leave and come back until he appears there.)

Ultimecia's Castle

Right before the Ultimecia castle, you will walk on a chain holding an anchor. On the way, you will see 3 doors on the left. Each door leads to a part of the world map. To find the Ragnarok, enter the second one and walk around a corner. Its a hidden chocobo stable behind a large landform. You won't notice it, so look around. Once you have the chocobo, ride him to the large island north of the stable. You will have to get over the water so look for shallow parts. You should now see the Ragnarok. Once in it, you should level up and do whatever you didn't do so far. When you're ready to return to the castle, go into the entrance and you will find that you can't use any of your abilities (reviving KO'ed members is an ability). To unlock your abilities, you must fight seal guards. Here are some ideas:

  • At the top of the staircase by the entrance.
  • In the cellar/basement.
  • At the top of the large staircase, swing on the swinging light, through the door.
  • In the room with paintings.
  • In the Tomb room (get the key at the fountain).
  • Across the chandelier (use 1 party to go to a party-changing point by the broken stairs, then the others to go across the chandelier into a room with a seal guard).
  • When you unlock some of your abilities, you should have a chance against Ultimecia.

Omega Weapon

HP-1,100,000 MP-100,000 LVL-100
Here's how to get to him: Take the party who you want to fight up to the fountain room and change parties. Next, use your other party to go up the stairs to the right and you should see a rope. Pull it, and you will be timed. Switch parties again. Now go into the organ room to find the Omega Weapon standing there. Pretty much everything heals him, so don't use elemental attacks or magic on him. Here's my strategy (its not the only way): Use a hero if you have any. Try to use limit breaks. Rinoa's Invincable moon is very important. Don't use Zell's My final heaven. Try to use Pheonix Pinion. It heals him, but if you die, he may revive you. Use a meltdown.