There are different types magazines found in various places around the world of Final Fantasy VIII. Each magazine contains information that can be useful for you in the game. Some magazines can be purchased in Esthar's Book Store.

Fighter Comics

Read these to make Zell learn more Combos for his Limit Breaks

  • No.1 - You get this on the 1st floor of the desert prison.
  • No.2 - You get this after beating Raijin at Balamb.
  • No.3 - Talk to the girl with the pony tail in the library of Balamb Garden with Zell in your party to find that he likes her. Then go to Zell's house and see her there. Next, go to a Balamb city inn. Then back to Zell's house. She will be there and you will get the comic.
  • No.4 - Get it from an Esthar soldier during the Lunatic Pandora attack.
  • No.5 - Near elevator No.3 on the Lunatic Pandora.

Weapons Monthly

Weapons Monthly contains information about various models of weapons, which can be upgraded. Even though weapons can be upgraded without the magazine in which it is mentioned, it is useful, as it gives the player information on how many items are needed for the upgrade.

  • March - Defeat the boss Elviole to get this.
  • April - After you meet Quistis at the training center, go to your dorm. It is on Squall's bed.
  • May - It's when Quistis, Zell, and Selphie are in the sewers. It's somewhere down there.
  • June - Defeat the robot boss at the missle base.
  • July - This is in the training center in disc 2.
  • August - It is by the fountain statue at Trabia Garden.
  • Special Edition - In the Esthar research center.

Pet Pals

Pet Pals contains information on tricks dogs can learn. Reading these magazines will teach Rinoa's dog (Angelo) newe tricks and attacks!

  • VOL. 1 - You get it from Zell on your trip to Timber.
  • VOL. 2 - It's on the train where you first meet Rinoa on her bed.
  • VOL. 3, 4, 5, and 6 - All can be purchased in Timbers Pet shop.

Novelty Magazines

You don't have to get them, but they contain hints about some subquests.

  • Occult fan 1 - Buy it at Esthar's magazine shop for $35,000.
  • Occult fan 2 - Buy it at Esthar's magazine shop for $35,000