Regular series composer Nobuo Uematsu wrote the soundtrack for Final Fantasy VIII. He had more of an "emotional" approach to this installment of compositions and even experimented with real voice vocals for "All Eyes on Me". The game's soundtrack is best known for the latin choral piece titled, "Liberi Fatali". Few soundtrack albums were created from Final Fantasy VIII, including:

  • Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack - Composed and produced by Nobuo Uematsu. The soundtrack spans four discs (74 tracks). It was first published by DigiCube on March 10, 1999
  • Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec Final Fantasy VIII - A collection of orchestrated pieces originally from Final Fantasy VIII, arranged and conducted by Shiro Hamaguchi. It was first published on November 19th, 1999.
  • Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack
  • Piano Collections Final Fantasy VIII - Piano arrangements from Final Fantasy VIII, arranged by Shiro Hamaguchi and performed by Shinko Ogata with a total of 13 tracks. It was published by DigiCube on January 21, 2000.

MIDI Files

Description Size Link
Ami's character theme 15K Click Here
The battle music. 29.6K Click Here
Another simple battle theme 28.2K Click Here
Battle #1 32K Click Here
Battle #2 32.1K Click Here
Battle #3 28K Click Here
Battle #4 35K Click Here
Victory is yours 13.2K Click Here
Victory is yours #2 6.2K Click Here
Demoint #1 42.7K Click Here
Demoint #2 17.5K Click Here
The Balamb Garden 3.1K Click Here
The compression of time 22.6K Click Here
Escape! 40.5K Click Here
Sorry, its gameover. 7.9K Click Here
Rinoa's Theme 13K Click Here
Squall's Theme 49.2K Click Here
Get ready for something big 15K Click Here
Very Extreme music 72K Click Here
The lovely Julia 26K Click Here
The forbidden land 20.9K Click Here
Eyes On Me 48.3K Click Here
The quite oceanside 4.2K Click Here
Odin's final theme 89.2K Click Here
The famous opening theme 24.7K Click Here
Maybe I'm a lion 53K Click Here
While in jail 10K Click Here
Liberi Fatali 35.5K Click Here
The mission music 81.1K Click Here
The chocobo theme 38.9K Click Here
The overture 24.7K Click Here
The sacrifice 16.2K Click Here
Timber Owls 11.2K Click Here
Waltz the moon 3.6K Click Here