Guardian Forces

In order to utilize the Junction System, it is necessary to obtain a GF. This is possible by defeating a GF intself or by drawing one out of a boss monster. There may be other times when the player will be able to obtain a GF in unexpected locations. Guardian Forces have tremendous power that can provide a party with extraordinary strength. A few of the Guardian Forces are introduced below.

Quezacotl - To find Qezacotl, you must go to Squall's desk panel in Quistis's classroom in Balamb Garden. Go to the tutorial selection and Quezacotl will join your party.

Shiva - To find Shiva, you must go to Squall's desk panel in Quistiss' classroom in Balamb Garden. Go to the tutorial selection and Shiva join your party.

Ifrit - You will find Ifrit at the end of the Fire Cave. The fire cave is located south east of Balamb Garden (Don't worry, you must complete the fire cavern in order to graduate). Quistis will accompany you. It is quite simple, once you find him all you must do is defeat him and he will join you party. Ifrit is weak towards Ice so summon Shiva and use a lot of Ice mgjic and victory shall be yours!

Siren - To obtain Siren, you must draw her from Elvoret (Elvoret is the boss on top of the Dollet com tower. He will come in after you defeat Biggs and Wedge).

Diablos - Cid will give you a magical lamp before you depart for you first mission as a SeeD. When your ready, use the magical lamp and you will automatically go into battle with Diablos. You must defeat Diablos before he will join your party.

Brothers - The brothers are located in the Tomb of the Unknown King. This is optional, and you do not have to get them. If you choose to fight for them, this is what you must do: When you enter the tomb, turn right every chance you get until you come to a dead end, and there you will battle Sacred. After you defeat him, turn around and continue on going right at every chance that you can. At each dead end, there is a small puzzle. Continue to do this until you are back outside where you started. When you're back outside, got back inside and go straight until you come to the the two brothers. You must defeat them before they will join your party.

Carbuncle - Draw Carbuncle during the boss fight on Disk 1 with Ignious (The monsters that Edea sics on Rinoa).

Leviathan - You draw Leviathan from the boss NORG, he is located in the basement floor of the Balamb Garden.

Pandemona - Draw Pandemona from Fujin durring the Boss fight on Disk 2 with Fujin and Rajin.

Cerberus - While in the Galbadia Garden (during the infiltration) you can challange Cerberus to a fight. If you win he joins your party, if he wins...YOU DIE!! He is in the main lobby. Just walk up to him, and talk to him. I highly reccommend that you save before fighting him!

Alexander - Draw Alexander from Edea during the boss fight at the end of Disk 2.

Doomtrain - To get Doomtrain, you must combine the following items: The Solomon Ring - Found at Tear's Point, 6 Malboro Tentacles, 6 Remedy+ (You use the Med Lv Up Ability from Alexander, to make 10 Remedys into 1 Remedy+) , and 6 Steel Pipes.