There are a total of 4 tribes in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for you to choose from. You can create a male character or female character, and each sex has 4 different appearances, making up to 32 possibilities in the game. Each tribe has its own attributes, as shown below.


Base Stats: Strength: 6 Defense: 7 Magic: 13
The Clavats are a peace loving people who are the most human-like in the entire Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. They have the most all rounded stats in the game, although they specialize in defense. This is because, they are the only tribe that can make use of the Gaia Plate (Earth Armor) and the Legendary Shield (Chocobo Shield). They are my personal favorite, and one of my 2 main characters are of this tribe. When raising the Clavats, make sure you put all 3 stats in equal priority.


Base Stats: Strength: 8 Defense: 8 Magic: 10
The Lilties are a race of tiny hot headed people who used to rule the world. And of course, many of them still have a superiority complex in them. Oh, another thing, these guys just have the funniest heads in the game. IN fact, they are nothing but, APPLE HEADS! Ha ha ha ha! I know I love to laugh at these funny looking guys, but they are not to be underestimated when physical combat is concerned. In fact, they are the only tribe to be able to use a weapon with 40 strength, the Longinus, which is made using the Celestial Weapon scroll. Woo hoo... When raising a Lilty, you should concentrate on raising their strength and defense.


Base Stats: Strength: 5 Defense: 5 Magic: 15
The Yukes are of a race that is probably the wisest of them all. They like to spend their day teaching magic to others, and many of them live in Shella. (The Shella Caravan is led by Amidatty, and has 3 other Yukes with him) But still, for some strange reason, all Yukes tend to look like as if they are wearing helmets that they never remove, and that really is something very silly. Yes, this is yet another thing that I love to laugh at. However, what is not to laugh at is their magic. In fact, they are the fastest spell casters in this game. Therefore you should focus on their defense and magic when you are raising them.


Base Stast: Strength: 7 Defense: 6 Magic: 12
The manual says that the Selkies are rugged individualists that place their interests above all else. Yes, it is just true, in fact a lot of Selkies used to be thieves, including the Striped Brigands, who will stop by to steal an item from your caravan every now and then. Of course, all thieves have to be fast on their feet, and hence many Selkies are the fastest of all the 4 tribes. Lovely, isn't it. In fact, they taunt the fastest Focus Attack Charge Time, and many of their physical weapons have focus attacks that are ballistic in nature. Just look at their Dreamcatcher (Lunar Weapon)! When raising Selkies, make sure you raise them evenly as in Clavats. Then you will be fine. A Selkie constitutes the other main character I use. For your information.