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Quick Review #1:

OK. The concept behind Crystal Chronicles is great. It's an awesome multiplayer game, and makes for hours of family fun. The couple of things it lacks to make it truly awesome is a job system, which would make character customization more in depth. Then, it could use a level up system and abilites, that is, learning as one levels up. Last, but not least, a slightly better world map could be a life saver, but, over all, it was a great game.

Quick Review #2:

4/5 Rating. I say this because Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a great multiplayer game. Many people forget that you can have a party when you play single player. Most of the reviews that have been put out forget this feature, and this feature has been overlooked. If you check your FFCC manual, you will see under "MULTIPLAYER" that you can also play multiplayer "alone". I've played this mode and when you go into multiplayer alone you literally have a party from which you select from 4 out of 8 of your created characters. This mode is a lot of fun, just remember you need a gameboy advance. That is the only downside of this game, that you need to spend another $100 to play the "Alone" multiplayer feature. Hopefully Square Enix is making something more clear in the upcoming release of Nintendo Revolution which will also debut with the release of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles II. Oh, and by the way, it is going to be on the internet as well as offline, so enjoy it when it hits United States stores.

Quick Review #3:

Ok, first of all, it is an action rpg. So, unlike the other games in the series, you run around and attack. This game has a great musical score (though not written by nobuo). Now, you start the game in a villiage... which you get to name[ and why exactly is that... naming a place?!]. This game is probably one of the best becuase of its multiplayer feature, though you do need 2-4 gba/sp's, it is still a very good mode.what they did in this game is that,well, they took away the world map(hmm...for some reason they've been doing that alot), but you just see a map on paper that is 3d and you just click on the place you want to go. But, the story ties in with this map, giving it a more difficult feature... You have to make your crystal chalice into certain elements to go through each "miasma stream". The miasma stream is an evil miasma (clouds of darkness, poison etc.), that has cursed the land. you must choose your charactor, family occupation and town name. Well, that's about it, oh yeah, i give this game a 7/10.

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