Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings is another spin-off and first in the game released under the Ivalice Alliance series. It is a real-time strategy RPG for the Nintendo DS and is a sequel to the 2006 PlayStation 2 RPG, Final Fantasy XII. The game takes place one year after the story told in Final Fantasy XII. Van is now an official sky pirate with his own airship and is joined by other returning characters.

The game scored pretty good reviews and was well received. Famitsu gave it a 32/40 while Nintendo Power gave it a 7.5/10. The simplistic battles and mission based style were pluses, but many didn't like how the Nintendo DS stylus was integrated in gameplay.


One year after the events of Final Fantasy XII, the young protagonist Vaan travels the skies of Ivalice with his trusted navigator Penelo at his side. Their treasure hunting adventures take them to the sky continent of Lemures where they Meet Llyud, a member of the aegyl race. These mysterious winged people have been living on the floating continent for centuries, but a disturbance has allowed treasure-seeking sky pirates to breach their once-hidden territory. It falls to Vaan and his band of young sky pirates to stand up against the trespassers, and defend this extraordinary world and its people...

This game is part of the Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift series (also known as the Ivalice Alliance), which includes the following titles:

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Title Platform Release Date (JP) Release Date (US)
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Nintendo DS 2007-04-26 2007-11-20