Heal Potion
Cost: 60G
Effect: Restores 30HP
Description: Heal potions are essential at all times, since these suckers are the only things that heal you everywhere. Keep 99 in stock all the time, especially when around dungeons.

Pure Potion
Cost: 75G
Effect: Cures Poison
Description: These really help in the beginning when fighting spidery creatures, but when your healer learns PURE, they are no longer that important unless saving up your MP.

Soft Potion
Cost: 200G
Effect: Cures Petrification
Description: This one serves more purpose than the Pure Potion, since your healer won't learn the similar spell until it gets to Level 6 magic. You'll be using these a lot when facing Cocatrices and Medusas.

Cost: 75G
Effect: Restores some HP and saves your game
Description: A really good way to save your game when not near a town or in desperate need of a good save point/pick me up. Later on its inexpensiveness is good for a quick save spot.

Cost: 250G
Effect: Restores more HP and saves your game
Description: These are better for HP restoration than the Tents, but Houses are the best for this.

Cost: 3000G
Effect: Restores most HP, MP and saves your game
Description: This one will be the best to use near the end of the game. Unfortunately, it restores MP AFTER you save, so use a Tent right after to keep the MP when saving. (Programmer's mistake, most likely)