Class Descriptions

These descriptions will better help you decide on your next party that may create when you play Final Fantasy I. There is no "wrong" way to combine these classes, however, some party mixes will do better than others. You only get to start off with four characters at the beginning of the game, so choose wisely.

Fighter Fighter: Can use the most powerful weapons and armor in the game. IMHO, every party you send through the game should have at least one of these. They usually have the best HPs.

Weapons: Sword, Axe, Knife, Staff
Best Weapon: Sun Sword
Armor: Gauntlets, Shields, Helmets
Best Armor: Steel Armor
Magic: None
Postive: A lot of hit points, and strong power.
Negative: Can be very expensive.

Theif Thief: Thieves aren't as strong as fighters and can't use as many weapons, but they are useful in getting your party out of sticky situations. They have the best Agility ratings, and moderate attacks.

Weapons: Knifes, Smaller Swords
Best Weapon: Coral Sword
Armor: Light Armor
Best Armor: Opal Bracelet
Magic: None
Postive: High stamina, and inexpensive.
Negative: Low offense, and no magic.

Black Betl Black Belt: I had understated this class before. The Black Belt is *THE* fighter, with *THE* best attacks _unarmed_. Arming him actually weakens him somewhat, especially later on. They have HP ratings (usually) second only to the Fighter.

Weapons: Nunchucks, Fists
Best Weapon: Iron Nunchuck
Armor: Bracelets
Best Armor: Opal Bracelet
Magic: None
Postive: Medium hit points, and inexpensive.
Negative: No magic, and low defense.

Red Mage Red Mage: Red Mages can learn both White and Black Magic spells, and can even fight fairly well. However, a Red Mage cannot learn some of the most powerful spells.

Weapons: Sword, Knife, Staff
Best Weapon: Ice Sword
Armor: Light Armor, Bracelet
Best Armor: Opal Bracelet
Magic: Black (Levels 1-5) White (Levels 1-5)
Postive: Can use both white and black magic.
Negative: Limited magic, and low defense.

Whit Mage White Mage: Can use any White magic spells, a poor fighter, however.

Weapons: Hammers
Best Weapon: Silver Hammer
Armor: Bracelets
Best Armor: Opal Bracelet
Magic: White (Levels 1-7)
Postive: Can help keep your party alive.
Negative: Very low defense power.

Black Mage Black Mage: Can use any Black magic spells, an even worse fighter.

Weapons: Knife, Staff
Best Weapon: Mage Staff
Armor: Bracelets
Best Armor: Opal Bracelet
Magic: Black (Levels 1-7)
Postive: Strong magic power.
Negative: Low HP, and low defense.