Reasons to try Mystic Quest

A lot of people still believe that this game is completely not worth it, think again. Here is a list of all the postive ends of the game.

  • The music is fantastic. The Fireburg music will have you dancing, and the Doom Castle music is one of a kind. The Battle music is also a great piece.
  • Although the graphics aren't up to par with todays standards, they were fantastic back in 1992. That's right, Mystic Quest was made in 1992.
  • Straightforward storyline. This was probably due to the beginner element once again, however, I hear most people nowadays yelling things like "non-linear sucks!". Mystic Quest is about as linear as you can get.
  • For those of you who like hack-and-slash, there's lots of that in Mystic Quest.
  • Mystic Quest was also great for beginners in more ways than one:
    • No complicated equiping of items, armor, weapons, etc. You just had a weapon, and several pieces of armor that auto-equiped themselves.
    • No random monster encounters. Good if you need to leave a dungeon and go back to a town, and not worry about any monsters what so ever.
    • Your second party member could be set to fight on his/her own, thus allowing the player to concentrate on his own method of attack, rather than confuse the player with many options at once.

Lastly, Mystic Quest is fun If you go to play Mystic Quest with a negative attitude about the game, you're not going to have fun while playing it. Play it with a positive attitude and you'll have a lot more fun. Trust me, Mystic Quest is great!