Designed for American gamers, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was to be an easy introduction to the relatively new RPG genre. The game features simplified controls with easy menus and little customization for weapons and items. It was released as a spin-off and was not part of the core Final Fantasy series. Many think it was released as an attempt to broaden the RPG genre to a larger audience due to the simplicity of the game. It was also the first Final Fantasy to be released in Europe (released as Mystic Quest Legend there).

The game had several Final Fantsay elements retained, however, many of the series staples were not present, including the party system, save points, and random encoutner. The game was not well received by critics, but many argue that it was a good game in its own right. The music was original and the graphics were good for the time, plus it was a good RPG for gamers just getting into the genre.


The Focus Tower has been protecting the land for hundreds of years. That is, until one day, when four monsters broke into the Focus Tower and stole the crystals of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. These monsters took the crystals and began ravaging the land... More

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was released with different titles in different regions, including:

  • Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - North American release in 1992
  • Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest - Japan release in 1993
  • Mystic Quest Legend - Title of European release to avoid confusion with Mystic Quest the Final Fantasy Adventure remake.

Game Releases

Title Platform Release Date (JP) Release Date (US)
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Super Nintendo 1992-10-05
Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest Super Famicom 1993-09-10
Mystic Quest Legend Super Nintendo
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Wii Virtual Console 2010-12-21 2010-10-18
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Wii U Virtual Console 2014-04-16