Here are some basic tips and tricks to help you get through Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

  • Fight every enemy you see. You will eventually defeat any enemy you ever come across.
  • Keep a gigantic supply of seeds after you reach Fireburg. Since they completely refill your magic, you won't be so dependent on curative items.
  • Your magic does better if you have a claw equipped.
  • Using Exit to kill an enemy yields no experience or gold. Use Life to kill whenever possible.
  • In most other Final Fantasy games, Fire is the magic of choice against undead creatures. In Mystic Quest, use Aero. Also note that Life has no effect on undead creatures.
  • If the hero uses Cure on the Dark King, it wipes out massive amounts of the Dark King's HP.
  • If you gain a level on the last fight of a Battlefield, and the prize you receive is more experience, you'll automatically gain another level.