Final Fantasy SaGa Series

The Final Fantasy SaGa Series consisted of three Final Fantasy games released for the Nintendo Game Boy from 1989-1991. It eventually spawned off several more non-Final Fantasy related titles to build what is now known as the 'SaGa' Series - with games such as Romancing Saga and Imperial Saga.

The Final Fantasy Legend

The Final Fantasy Legend was the first installment to the Final Fantasy SaGa series. It was released on the Nintendo Game Boy in Japan on Dec. 15, 1989 and North America on Sep. 30, 1990. Square actually linked this game to the Final Fantasy title to help improve marketing. Sunsoft re-released it in North America during 1998 for the Game Boy Color; Square followed with an enhanced remake released for the WonderSwan Color and mobile phones in 2002 and 2007 respectively. The game was the first role-playing game (RPG) for the Nintendo Game Boy at the time of its release.

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Final Fantasy Legend II

Final Fantasy Legend II was the second Final Fantasy released for the Nintendo Gameboy and the second installment to the SaGa series. The game was headed by most of staff that helped make The Final Fantasy Legend, but this time they were much more involved and development took longer. Due to its popularity and being a cult fan favorite, Square re-released it in Japan on the Nintendo DS in 2009 with upgraded graphics. The game was very well-received and was even ranked in the top 100 games of all time in a 2006 poll conducted by Japanese magazine Famitsu.

Final Fantasy Legend II features eight different characters that journey to discover the secret of the "Magi", a powerful substance created by the gods. Players must collect enough "Magi" in each area in order to advance to the next world.

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Final Fantasy Legend III

Final Fantasy Legend III was the third Final Fantasy for the gameboy and the final for the SaGa series. The game was much like its predecessors in gameplay and style, but had a new person in charge of development, Chihiro Fujioka. The game combined sci-fi with fantasy elements and there were three characters who would be sent back in time to help prevent a global flood. You travel in time using your flying time ship (The Talon) and can locate 13 seperate upgrade units.

Final Fantasy Legend III received pretty good reviews, but not as good as its predecessor Final Fantasy Legend II. Many thought the graphics were great for being on the Gameboy, but lacked in the story and thought the game was too much like the past Legend games.

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