• 011-238-C4A Start with 1 strength point
  • 051-238-C4A Start with 5 strength points
  • 021-248-E6E Start with 2 defense points
  • 061-248-E6E Start with 6 defense points
  • 031-258-F7A Start with 3 agility points
  • 071-258-F7A Start with 7 agility points
  • 041-268-E6A Start with 4 mana points
  • 081-268-E6A Start with 8 mana points
  • 012-588-19A Start with 1 hit point
  • 052-588-19A Start with 5 hit points

One Hit Kills
To kill ANY enemy in the game (bosses included) you must have a party member with 99 strength (preferebly a human because you can by strength potions) and a saw. Equip the saw on your character and voila! Instant death. The down side is that the saw breaks after only one use so it's best saved for bosses.

Sound Test
At the title screen, hold Down + Select + A for about five seconds. For more sounds, try this when you're level is 58 or more.

Stronger Punches
Equip two packs of punches on the same person. Use one up until it has only 1 punch remaining, then start using the second pack. As long as you leave one punch in the original pack you'll do significantly more damage.