Final Fantasy Legend III was the third Final Fantasy for the gameboy and the final for the SaGa series. The game was much like its predecessors in gameplay and style, but had a new person in charge of development, Chihiro Fujioka. The game combined sci-fi with fantasy elements and there were three characters who would be sent back in time to help prevent a global flood. You travel in time using your flying time ship (The Talon) and can locate 13 seperate upgrade units.

Final Fantasy Legend III received pretty good reviews, but not as good as its predecessor Final Fantasy Legend II. Many thought the graphics were great for being on the Gameboy, but lacked in the story and thought the game was too much like the past Legend games. Like Final Fantasy Legend II, this game also had a remake released for the Nintendo DS in Japan on January 6, 2011.


Millennia ago a fierce battle raged between beings who sought to become ruler of a place known as Pureland. Unfortunately for the rest of the universe, the Purelanders were immortal. But rather than causng them to give up the fight, this little fact actually seemed to spur them on to create more powerful weapons and magic attacks...

This game is part of the Final Fantasy SaGa Series, which includes:

Game Releases

Title Platform Release Date (JP) Release Date (US)
Final Fantasy Legend III [3] Game Boy 1991-12-13 1993-08-15
Final Fantasy Legend III [3] Re-release Game Boy Color 1998-04-15
Final Fantasy Legend III [3] Nintendo DS 2011-01-06