Here are a few simple gameplay tips to help with your journey in Final Fantasy Legend II.

  • Try to battle as much as possible. Except for the money recieved from the slain enemy, you getlevel-ups and new abilities. If you run constantly, you probably end up trying to beat a boss. If the enemy can beat you easily or if you have to go to the inn after each battle, go back oneworld and battle there till you're strong enough to go on to the next world again.

  • After you start the game and have at least one robot in your party, buy a SMG as soon as possible. It affects a group of enemies and probably kills them with a single shot in the first three worlds. I recommend buying the weapon even if you don't have a robot, but because robot's weapons will be recharged when visiting an inn, it is a perfect start!

  • Make sure you have at least one Mutant in your team. They probably learn cure soon, which keeps you alive after a heavy battle and the inn's bill low. A robot in your team is a wiseidea too, as his weapons charge up when visiting an inn, so you can use your favorite weaponsmore times.

  • Never equip an NPC unless you're prepared to lose the item. once equipped, it can't be equippedoff again.

  • For a good team, you could equip one of your robots with 4 agility weapons and 3 types of armor,and one with 3 strength weapons, 1 agility weapon and 3 types of armor. This way the robots will become specialists in their own type of weapon, able to deal big amounts of damage withvirtually any weapon in the game. For example, a robot equipped with 4 rapiers will be ableto deal 200 damage per attack at the very start of the game!

  • The easiest way to get through the center of the world is to take 5-10 steps, save and take another 5-10 steps. If you get attacked, just restore your saved game and try again.