While the regular enemies and sub-bosses are push-overs if you've leveled up, the gods are always tough. Here's a rundown on how to beat them.


This is pretty easy, just make sure to have your strongest weapons and armor are equipped. Don't bother with magic, as quite often, weapons do more damage.


Now things heat up. Venus is extreamly strong, and can stump for a while. Even though she has no weaknesses, she is strong against fire and ice. Only thunder works, so give her a bad hair day if you have Thunder. Otherwise, just attack with your strongest. Whatever mutant has the highest mana get the cure spell book. If you have no mutants, than use LOTS of cures. She also likes to confuse you, so be ready to counter that.


This guy is amazingly a lot like Venus, except he knows Flame, and is vulnerable against ice, not thunder. Make sure to keep the leader at good health, or else you'll need a new one real fast.


Simple. Pop quiz: In 6 turns, Odin will kill you. If you kill him in less than 6 turns, you fight the next-to final boss. WHAT DO YOU DO? Really just attack. Magic does little or nothing, so just pray you put in enough time with speed or strength.

The Next-to-Final-Boss

He is immune to magic, but BOY, can he dish it out. Try and keep everyone healthy. A good tatic is to put 2 characters on heal duty, and the other 2 attack the guy. If you can finish this one fast, than you will win. Not too much more you can do against this guy.

The Final Boss

Well, spells and physical attacks do about the same: VERY LITTLE! Just start praying your leveling up puts you into an area where you can do a decent amount of damage (My guys, 2 humans, 1 mutant, and a robot, all with maxed to nearly maxed out stats where it counts, looked similar to when they faced Venus. Curing is a must, as 2 attacks will take out all but the toughest of your team. Suprisingly, the Robot did the most damage with it's guns. You've come this far ...he has very few hp, making his high defence a counter to his low hp. If you can nail him hard, he'll be gone by the end of round 3.