Secrets of the trashcan

Trashcans hold more than you might think! With the right amount of magi, trashcans contain bonuses which can boost your team's agility to 99 etc.. Just press twice on the trashcan when you have a number of magi from the table below. can use this cheat only 30 times at once, otherwise the game will crash (giving you 99 magi), so go back to the main menu and return to the items list often, as this resets the number of times you used the trashcan. Magi # Contents of trashcan.

  • 29 Cure
  • 30 Cure
  • 31 Eyedrop
  • 32 Eyedrop
  • 36 Cure
  • 68 Speed

Superfast Hp, Str, Agl, Mag and Def up!

To pump your Human and Mutant characters' Hp, agility, strength, mana and defense points to incredible heights in the first few worlds, use the following trick:

  • Save the game somewhere where enemies can attack you (on the worldmap or in the desert town for example).
  • Turn off your gameboy (not just pressing all buttons to reset it, you must use the switch on top).
  • Turn it back on and start where you saved your game.
  • Walk around a bit and get attacked.
  • Kill the baddies.
  • If you recieve a level up (Hp+, Strength up or so) save the game and turn the gameboy off again.
  • Turn the gameboy back on, and you probably get attacked after the same number of steps and by the same enemies. Defeat them using exactly the same weapons as you used before and tadaa! you get the same level up!

Flare as ability for your mutant

Want to have the Flare as an ability for your mutants?

  • Go to the cave near Lynn's village, walk to Dunatis, but don't attack him yet.
  • Save the game and turn off the gameboy.
  • Return to the saved game and wander around, until you get attacked.
  • Keep on fighting battles, counting the number of battles.
  • If you recieve a magic ability, like "blabla lost fire and acquired ice", save the game and turn the gameboy off and on again.
  • Fight a number of battles equal to the number of battles fought before -1, so if you fought 2 battles before you recieved the level up, fight one battle.
  • Then talk to Dunatis, who attacks you. After you defeat him, you'll probably get a magic ability. If you're lucky, it's the Flare attack! If it isn't the Flare attack, turn off the gameboyagain and do the same thing again, getting an other magic ability. After some time you'll surely have it! (it worked for me twice!)
  • With this technique you can also obtain an extra Gungnir from Odin, the Abacus from Echigoyaand even the Seven sword from a Haniwa!

Playing in a world full of bugs!


This is something for anyone who thinks he/she has seen everything of the game. Warning!this will erase the first savegame! Place the cartridge with the label face up on a table. Now put a small piece of tape on the fifth connector on the left, so that that connector doesn'tconnect to the gameboy's connector in the cartridge slot, but all others do. Turn on the gameboy and start a new game (you'll probably notice that the savegames are missing). Now startthe game as normal and choose a team, walk around a bit, then save the game. Your characters change into 4 Watchers, who have 999 Hp, and 42 agl, str, def, mana and magi and a full inventorylist containing sleep 42. You won't be able to save unless you're able to remove the tape during play (I used a piece of paper once, which could be pulled out from the back). I know it's tricky to do, but it is possible and a lot of fun to play (the whole game is quite screwed up, because the game thinks you've got all magi). Try it!

Erasing your savegames for storing the game away for a while

Another tip comes from Cato. If you have a super gameboy and want to empty the savegames from the cartridge, in case you want to put the game away for some time (who would want to do that??)you just have to turn the snes with the super gameboy on without the cartridge in it. Put the cartridge in the super gameboy while the snes is still on. All savegames should be erased now. This tip also works for FFL3.

Dragon Warp!

  • Get a mutant with the Teleport ability before you reach the dragon race.
  • Purchase a relatively fast dragon. When you're in the race, use Teleport to get out
  • You're now riding a dragon outside of the track! And the best thing about this dragon is that it can walk through anything! You can immediately explore the whole game. But be careful, you'lllose the dragon if you enter any cut scenes, but as long as you don't finish the race, you'llbe able to teleport back. (if you're smart, you'll pick up the pegasus magi and some doors right away), rent another dragon and repeat the trick