The knight job has a good balance between attack and defence. In addition to strong attacks it also boasts a good number of signature defensive abilities that can be used to guard against damage.


The monk is a job specialising in attack, being particularly skilled in dealing physical blows. The job has a low defence but can overwhelm the foe with its high stamina and ferocious rush attacks.

White Mage

The White Mage is a job that specialises in healing and recovery using White Magic. Characters with this job can aid and encourage comrades in a tight spot.

Black Mage

The Black Mage is an expert in offensive magic. It is an attacking job that can rain damage on the foe from afar using its high magic power.


The ranger is an attacking job specialising in long-distance physical attacks. A Ranger's attack power is lower than the possessed by close-combat focussed jobs but to compensate for this they possess many attacks that can inflict status ailments on the foe.


A job with high defence that fulfils a tank role. The paladin has high physical and magical attacking power but low movement speed, making characters with this job best suited to mounting a steady defence in the front ranks of the party.


This job confounds the enemy with its high speed and evasion. One of defining characteristics of the Ninja is their wealth of abilities that enhance their own combat power with added effects.

Time Mage

A job perfectly suited to aiding one's comrades from the rear ranks using support magic. The Time Mage wields time manipulation spells such as Haste and Slow, as well as attacking magic such as Gravity and Meteor.

Dark Knight

Dark Knights wield powerful scythes as their main weapon. These are slow to swing but cause large amounts of damage when their blows land, making for a perfect heavy hitting attacker in the front ranks.


The Dragoon's greatest asset has to be their jump attack, leaping high into the air before plummeting down at fast speed with an enemy firmly in their sights, guaranteeing massive damage.

Beast Master

The Beast Master's main weapon is a powerful axe, similar to the Dark Knight in that its attacks are slow but pack a real punch.


The Geomancer's special Rune Strike ability raises their magic power every time they land a blow with it, although it requires a certain period of time to charge up before use.


The Machinist is a long-range attacking job that uses guns as their main weapon. They mainly rely on physical attacks but also have many abilities that inflict status effects on the enemy.

Red Mage

The Red Mage is balanced job skilled in magic and swordsmanship in equal measure. their Chainspell ability allows for powerful spell combinations, making a magical barrage their best attacking strategy.


A support focused job that uses musical instruments as its main weapon. The Bard enhances their comrades' abilities from the rear ranks by playing special songs and music.


Thieves possess the same unique ability to steal from enemies. When it works this allows you to pilfer crafting materials.


The Alchemist is an expert when it comes to using items. They do not possess many attacking abilities but can combine their alchemy in different ways to react effectively in all kinds of situations.


A Freelancer is a character who is not currently pursuing any job. Freelancers are not particularly gifted in any one field but have great freedom in the abilities they can equip and can use all weapons and armor.


The Sage has the highest magical attack power and healing ability of any job. By using their unique "Concentrate" ability they can enhance their capabilities as a magical attacker and healer even further.

Blue Mage

The Blue Mage is a unique job that can use its "Learning" ability to learn the techniques used by the enemy and then reproduce them as Blue Magic. They can fulfill many different roles using the variety of Blue Magic abilities they have acquired.