In Final Fantasy Explorers Eidolons are not friendly allies that support your party in their adventure, instead they exist to protect the crystals of which you are trying to acquire.


An eidolon embodying the element of fire. Ifrit powers into his opponents swinging his massive arms and using his monstrous physique to unleash wild and brutal attacks.


An eidolon embodying the element of ice. She manipulates extremes of cold to inflict harm upon the explorers. Always surrounded by a freezing chill aura, those approaching close to Shiva run the risk of being frozen in place.


An eidolon embodying the element of thunder. He uses a bewildering variety of different attack patterns to confound the players. he also has a dangerous electric attacks that crawl across the ground in a straight or waving path.


This eidolon uses its amazing speed as a weapon. It can use magic such as Water and Blizzara but mostly relies on vicious close combat attacks, slashing and tearing with its claws.


Bahamut is the king of dragons and moves around more than any incarnation of him seen before in any of the Final Fantasy titles.


A flower-like eidolon that appears for the first time in the Final Fantasy franchise. Her attacks inflict an array of status ailments on opponents, unleashing a barrage of dangerous effects such as poison, darkness and paralysis.


Odin rides into battle on his trusty steed Sleipnir and cleaves unfortunate explorers with his lethal Zantetsuken attack and Gungnir technique.


Leviathan returns again as the ruler of the sea. He is fought in an ocean area and often plunges beneath the waves and then emerges to launch powerful ambush attacks that inflict debilitating status ailments.


Amaterasu is another new eidolon that is shrouded in mystery. It wears a kimono and has an overall Japanese appearance. Seven magical swords float ready at its back and are the main weapons it wields in battle.


Alexander has a body that resembles a gigantic fortress and is the largest of all the eidolons. It uses that massive body to unleash an array of attack patterns, such as earth shaking tremors, missiles and magic.


Diabolos lurks in a darkened cave and observes explorers from the shadows. He is dark and sinister of aspect and uses many attacks that manipulate space and time.


This eidolon takes the form of a gigantic avian wreathed in flames. Spreading its might pinions it swoops down on its foes from on high, unleashing a storm of fireballs.