FF9 Review (#1)

Ah yes, Final Fantasy IX. I was highly delighted when I was asked to review this great title. What? I wasnt asked to review? Oh... Well anyway, in my review I will go over the Graphics, Story, Characters, Sound, and Gameplay. So, without further adew, on with the show!


One word: Amazing. Final Fantasy IX has really shown how powerful the playstation is. At every turn there is something so beautiful, your jaw will drop. Kind of like it did when you first entered Esthar in FF VIII. And the FMVs in FFIX are absolutely top quality, some packed with high emotional meanings. A lot of people wondered about the 'kiddie' graphics. In my opinion, excellent idea on Square's half.
Rating: 10


Just because the game has 'kiddie' graphics does not mean it has a 'kiddie' story. FFIX has one of the most involving FF stories of all time. Rivaling the classics of the series. You start out as a thief, kidnapping a princess, but end up making an impact in a lot of lives, including yours. My only complaint is once again the lack of a real last boss, but to prevent spoilers, I won't go into that.
Rating: 9


After some rather disappointing characters in previous games, I guess Square figured out what they were doing wrong. Every character in FFIX is interesting, including many non-playable ones. I seriously doubt there is a game out there that rivals FFIX's character development. I mean, c'mon, if Quina turned out to be an enjoyable character, then Square did it's job.
Rating: 10


Here is Square's worst point of the game. The sound in FFIX wasnt horrible, but it was as best as it could be. Many of the tunes seem lame or misguided, such as the battle theme. Yet, there are several tunes that stick in your head, such as 'Melodies Of Life.' And Square also did a great job with the sound effects. One of my favorites is the noise Steiner makes as he walks (though it can get annoying at times).
Rating: 7


Sure, it's got pretty Graphics, Great characters, an involving story, and somewhat good music, but is it fun? Let me just say, HELL YES! With one of the most addicting card games ever, and tons of mini games (not literally tons) and several ways you get involved in the action of the game, Square hit the nail on the head. The random battles do not get as annoying as FFVIII's and the actual battles are fun and quick paced. Along with the ability feature you can completely customize your characters. Square has never made a game that was so much fun to tinker around with.
Rating: 10


Overall, the choice is yours. If you are unsure about the game, rent it. But all of these factors add up to be one of Square's best games made. In the end, though, to each his (or her) own.
Overall Score: 9 1/2 (not an average)

- Danger

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