The music of Final Fantasy IX was again composed entirely by Nobuo Uematsu, which turns out to be his last exclusive Final Fantasy until Final Fantasy XIV. It has been reported that this was his favorite Final Fantasy score he wrote. The game had a more midevil, fantasy tone to it and kept a soft balance throughout the game. The soundtrack was best known for the score, "Melodies of Life".

  • Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack - was the official soundtrack album containing all of the musical tracks (110 tracks) from the game, composed, arranged and produced by Nobuo Uematsu. The album was August 30, 2000.
  • Final Fantasy IX: Uematsu's Best Selection - A soundtrack album composed more of the popular tracks from the Final Fantasy IX. It had 33 tracks and was released on August 21, 2000
  • Final Fantasy IX soundtrack
  • Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack PLUS - Anoter soundtrack album consisting of songs that did not appear on the original soundtrack. It was released on December 6, 2000
  • Piano Collections: Final Fantasy IX - A collection of Final Fantasy IX music composed by Nobuo Uematsu and played on the piano. The album has 14 tracks and was released on January24, 2001

MIDI Files

Description Size Link
Alexandria's main theme 22.5K Click Here
The battle theme 46.9K Click Here
Black Mage Village 32.8K Click Here
A boss battle 69.3K Click Here
Chocobo theme 32.5K Click Here
Crossing the Knoll 54.5K Click Here
The Lifa Tree 10.2K Click Here
Game introduction 3.9K Click Here
The melodies of life 56.5K Click Here
The Mystery Sword 7.7K Click Here
The music on the world map 17.2K Click Here
Vamo alla flamenco 19.4K Click Here
Victory! 6.4K Click Here