Side Quests

Frog Catching

Once you obtained the airship (you can do it anytime in the game, but the airship makes travelling easier.) bring Quina back to any Qu Marsh and go to the frog pond. Quina will then request permission to catch frogs. The more you catch, the better the reward. It also increases the damage of Quina's Kaeru Otoshi (Frog Drop).

  • 2 frogs: Ore Stone
  • 5 frogs: Ether
  • 9 frogs: Silk Robe
  • 15 frogs: Elixir
  • 23 frogs: Silver Fork
  • 33 frogs: Bistro Fork
  • If you catch 100 frogs, an optional boss (Quina's master) will appear. Defeat him to obtain Quina's best weapon.


There are 4 figurines in the game. They increase your collectors rate(see Four-armed man for details.). Mini-Cid and Mini-Burmecia are found in Treno Auction while the Prima Vista figure is obtained after the coffeebean quest. Lastly, the Mini-Brahne figure is found under the chair in the Dali Chief's house.

Quadmist Card Game

Basic Rules

  • 1st digit: Attack Power
  • 2nd digit: Method of attack
  • Last 2 numbers: Defense Power

If the second digit is a P, then the first digit compares itself with the opponent's third digit. If the second digit is a M, then the first digit compares with the opponent's last digit.

Zodiac Coins

Visit the queen living in Treno. She will tell you that she wants 12 Zodiac coins. These are found thoughout the game. The queen will reward you for each coin you find. Once you gave all 12 coins, go to Kuwan Cave (east of Treno) to look for the 13th Coin.

  • Aries: Dali Windmill
  • Cancer: Burmecia, behind an overturned cart.
  • Scorpio: Kuwan Cave spring
  • Gemini: Throw gil into the fountain at entrance of Treno 13 times.
  • Taurus: Behind item shop in Treno
  • Virgo: Black Mage Village Inn
  • Libra: Madain Sari fountain
  • Leo: Undestroyed Left Tower of Alexandria near Neptune Statue
  • Sagittarius: Linblum Commercial Square, left side. 3rd screen upon entering the commercial district.
  • Capricorn: Right path in Dargeleo Library.
  • Aquarius: Ipsen Heritage entrance right hand pillar
  • Pisces: Treasure chest inside Invincible.

Coffee Beans

The old man at the Watch Tower in Dali loves to drink coffee. Find them all and you'll receive the Prima Vista figure. Note: This must be completed before Disc 4.

Mocha: In the Pass near the Chocobo Forest. Pay attention to the right side of the screen.
Killiman: Madain Sari moogle village kitchen.
Bullman: In disc 3 before going for the card game in Treno, go to Dali and search in the Village chief's room for the key to open the locked door behind the windmill.

Rope Jumping

Here is a list of all the items obtained from it:

  • 20 jumps: 10 gil
  • 50 jumps: Cactrot Card
  • 100 jumps: Genji Card
  • 200 jumps: Alexander Card
  • 300 jumps: Cat Paw Racket
  • 1000 jumps: King Of Skipping Title

Quiz Master

This funny look guy (He always appears together with a circle and a cross.) can be randomly encountered on the World Map near the Black Mage village. He will ask you a question and if you answered it correctly, he'll reward you with lots of APs. If you encounter him 13 times(This is due to the fact that he has 13 different questions to ask.) and answered all his questions correctly, you'll be rewarded with a Memory Ring.